New Paramore


god squad innit


Aaron’s on the last Paramore album, sort of. Glad they’ve gone with a rick support this time. I can’t remember what it was at Wembley, but they most certainly did not rock. Probably.


Charli XCX and some other band


Odd, I remember arriving late. Must have wanted to see charli, but not been so fussed that we hadn’t got there on time.


I hope its full of kids thinking ita gonna be similar to Charli XCX


The Paramore singer is a massive mewithoutYou fan and has sung with them live and on ten stories.


Let’s av itp


My tickets are print at home downstairs standing. Have a great gig.


U too dude. I’m already drunk


Lord help me!


Here we are! Have a great time, y’all!


Is that a Wakefield shirt?


From’t Cribs gig last night


Ah i thought there was another WHITE ROSE diser


There’s a back story, which as you might imagine, takes a while, but in short I love Yorkshire


Well that were fun. Think I lost my voice , though not as good as Wembley imho


I used to listen to Paramore all the time, and I kind of burned out on them. Enough so that I never even listened to this new album until now.

I just listened to it all the way through about a month ago, and I really dig it. Like others have said, it’s a nice progression into what they were doing on some of the songs on the s/t album. Maybe I was just in a New Wave mood, and this one hit at the right time.