New phone advice

I’m looking to buy a new phone in the £300 range and wondering if anyone has any advise. I’ve no interest in having a 3 year contract with anyone.
Am eyeing up the Xiaomi Mi9 atm.

Thanks :smiley:

I believe you can get a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 for around £300

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Fuck sake, hate it when we agree on something.


“Love to browse online?” No.


Might sell my fancy Samsung and get one of these as I get terrible battery anxiety. £219 and comes out next week.

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Not enough orcs?

Or elves

was just thinking last night how much i miss my motorola

you could do this flick motion and the torch would come on. was the best feature of any phone i’ve ever had.


i bought a second hand s8 about a year ago and it lasts about half a day before i have to charge it. it’s shite. problem with motorolas is they are fucking massive aren’t they.

My Pixel 3a XL lasts over a day even when I’m rinsing it posting shite on here all day. It’s good.


is it massive? is it spendy? i’m not paying more than about £200 for a phone.


A bit


thank you.

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I just got an iPhone 11

It’s really expensive ( I didn’t pay) and it is quite good but nowhere near the value of its cost.

The difference between this 1000 quid thing and a 200 Android is minimal imo. ‘A better camera’ is not worth 800 quid. (Imagine spending 800 quid on a camera!)

This is really boring sorry


Can I use the internet on that, or send a WhatsApp?

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mate swears by his Motorole G7 Power. Constantly fucking drones on and on about it, to be quite honest.

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