New Pinegrove (CW - sexual assault + discussions)

A new Pingeove song appeared on all the internets this morning. It’s one of the ones they were recording in the YouTube video series.

I already love it.

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Very, very nice

Hopefully an album to follow

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Their performance at Mirrors last weekend was perfect - entire crowd seemed to be singing along too.

Touring next year over here as well.

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It’s a lovely track

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Debut was very bland. New track is a slight improvement, they’re giving it a go but it’s still a bit naff. 5/10.

Last I heard the album was rumoured for next March. Given they’ve not announced it alongside this track, and they seem to say in the video of them recording that it could be hard to sequence, I reckon this is just a standalone thing.

This is so lovely - a really great group to follow and watch grow. Did I see rumour of imminent UK dates somewhere?

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Support from Phoebe Bridgers & tickets out on Monday!


That’s a great line up, but some of those venues strike me a bit large for Pinegrove (I stand to be massively corrected here)

Was thinking the same thing. Amazed they’re playing Shepard’s Bush Empire and St Luke’s. Suited more to Broadcast surely?

I was looking at Concorde 2 (being a southerner and all). Doubt that they’re that popular, but wonder in Phoebe Bridgers is a decent draw.

Last time I saw them in Glasgow was at Stereo, which I think is bigger than Broadcast, right? Then they sold out Summerhall in Edinburgh, which is bigger again. And also in Edinburgh.

But aye, St Luke’s still seems pretty big.

If the Mirrors crowd last week is anything to go by then they’re definitely on track to be playing big venues come next year, especially if it’s going to coincide with a new album push.

Am I the only one who finds them great live but pretty dull on record?

Ah fuckin balls

What are everyone’s thoughts on that statement? I’m struggling to understand what’s happened here, so I don’t wanna say anything that might be considered inappropriate. Could do with hearing some other people’s inputs on the subject before I go spouting off some shite.

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The allegations aren’t even really clear here, and we’ve only got one side of the story. On the surface, from reading his statement alone, he makes the whole thing look very silly (the idea that a band member could never even flirt with a fan because of the power dynamic? Come on. We all have agency). However, the cynical way of reading that would be as him sticking his oar in first to make light of a more serious situation


Oh sorry didn’t see the above posts!

“Oh hey, that thread I started is back and… oh no”



yeah I feel like there has to be something missing here