📸 New Pokemon Snap

Out tomorrow, anyone else in?

I’m going to be the very best I reckon

Guess it is going to be 50 notes? Will be the first Switch game I have bought at full price if so, but yeah, I will probably get it as I do love Pokemon Snap.

yep. Switch games never seem to lose their value though? So it’s kind of like a library

We were going to get it but our friend who we do online gaming hangouts with really wants us to start playing Splatoon so that’s gonna be my new game buy for this month. Unless the reviews are absolute trash I’m probably going to be buying it next month’s tho

Reviews seem to be pretty good

Poggers, It’s Pokémon on your screen being cute, hard to fuck something like that up, unless you’re gamefreak

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So I’m going to be up until 4am on baby duty - when it says the release date is 30/04/2021 is that at midnight, and if so which time zone?

according to the nintendo website you’re shit out of luck

Content will usually be available at 14:00 GMT (15:00 CET) on the day of release.

Ah well no big issue - tomorrow night instead

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kind of a novel game but didn’t understand why people were crazy for what was essentially a very slow scripted on rails lightgun game. Seemed like it would wear out it’s welcome after a couple of hours. Maybe they’ve expanded the new one into something more though

this is right for nintendo games

they unlock at midnight on 12, like they did for the super mario 3d stars


It’s still on rails this time but looks like there’s a lot more to it

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Had a lot of fun playing this for an hour in the early hours of this morning. Looking forward to tonight’s session already!

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Nobody else playing?

i’ve had a couple of hours, it’s fun! But for some reason I can’t upload my new card details to the nintendo store so I can’t upload any of my photos, and that’s taking the joy out of it for me… I want to share my amazing photos god damn it.

I think one of my photos got uploaded automatically as part of a tutorial, but not tried to do anymore. I noticed the photodex rankings were not working yet but sure they will fix that soon and there will already be folks with outrageous scores.

Absolutely love the game although some of the photo scoring seems a bit wonky and don’t really trust the “auto” select.

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the rule of thirds isn’t a thing in the game which is just stupid. I’m basically playing two games at once: 1. take photos that will get me points in the game and 2. take photos that are actually good

Rankings are up, I’m 118,936th, I knew it

55,738 :sunglasses:

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Loving this. It’s quite intense and can only seem to do 3 courses a day before I’ve had enough, but it’s a real joy. I’m impressed with how many interactions each pokemon has, and they seem to have been really thoughtful with the roster. Only complaint is that the scoring isn’t really based on the rules of photography, but that’s fine because you can take shots for yourself as well as the professor.