📸 New Pokemon Snap

I adore it - have sunk about 18 hours into it already. Know what you mean about it being intense, as my eyes hurt after each course! Find it extremely additctive though, just like the original. I can tell the replay value is going to be huge for me. Feels like there are loads of obscure secrets hidden away.

I’m kind of OK with the slightly wonky scoring system now, but I’m not always totally sure what the Pokemons have done differently between the 4 main behaviours you are trying to capture. Often I snap a Pokemon doing something quite specific, but doesn’t seem to register, and other times it just seems like a bog standard pose and the professor goes wild. I guess it could be covered by the additional requests, which I also find a bit hit and miss.

Tip - if you haven’t already then make sure to go to Settings and put the pointer / camera speed up to max, it makes a big difference.

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Yeah I’ve got them on max settings too, makes a difference.

I haven’t completed any of the additional quests yet, despite having taken photos that seem to do what they asked. Do you need to do anything extra to complete them?

You need to go into the requests and it should say “request complete”, but you have to open the request and it will then trigger a little dialogue and sometimes a reward. But yeah, there are loads which I’m sure I have captured but are not marked complete. Perhaps it only counts if it is one of the pictures submitted to the professor, and I always use the auto select which I’m sure is nobbling me.

Ah that could be it… Although I definitely took a photo of a quagmire jumping into the pond and submitted that and got nothing. Hmm

Yeah I got that shot too (great moment), but it did mark the request as complete. One of the ones where the shot is really bad, with the quagmires head cut off, but still got decent points. I am going to get a better one though!

Completed the main game last night and unlocked course scores (yay) / burst mode (not convinced)

So much incentive to keep playing. Actually doing pretty well in the global rankings, in the top 1k for a few categories.

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Wow miles ahead of me. Still enjoying it, really impressed by it.

Any pics scoring above 5000?

not yet I don’t think, haven’t had any 4* either

I’ve got quite a few 4* but I think only 1 picture above 5k excluding the special pokemons. It was of a Pikipek, I will post it once I get my Switch hooked up to a dummy Twitter account.

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thinking about getting a switch after a 25 year hiatus from computer games, is that a stupid thing to do, are they due to release something new anytime soon?

It’s definitely the best console to get if you’re returning to gaming after a long time. If you post in the Switch thread you’ll get a lot of good recommendations for starter games.

There’s rumours of a ‘Switch pro’ model with 4k but not a new generation of console i.e. you’ll still be able to play all the upcoming games which are released on a machine you buy now.

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Yeah I can’t recommend the Switch highly enough, it is the best console I’ve ever owned hands down. I didn’t have a hiatus from gaming as such, but since getting a Switch I’ve really fallen in love with it again.

Back to Pokemon chat, here is my prized Pikipek pic :slight_smile:


Not sure I agree

Playstation and Xbox both have systems in place that allow you to play games you may have missed very cheap whereas Nintendo flat out don’t

Nintendo is the best console if you want something familiar

You have to wait for the sales to come round, but I picked up various indie titles (Steamworld Dig, Hollow Knight, Celeste, Slay the Spire, Dead Cells) all fairly cheap, as well as older games like Dark Souls and BioShock. But yeah, stuff like Skyrim and the Witcher are much cheaper and perform better on other platforms, I’ll give you that much.

Done about 40 hours on Pokemon Snap now, still discovering new stuff on every run. Doing pretty well in the old rankings too!

Really enjoyed watching this get played. I’m not a huge Pokemon fan but there’s just something so charming about it. For being on-rails it feels like there’s a solid amount of creativity in choosing your shots carefully. It could maybe do with a couple more puzzles and being longer (I’m not sure there’s much replay value?) but yeah what a cool thing.

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There is loads of replay value! I’ve done each course at least a dozen times, some of them 40 or 50 times, and always discover something new. There are loads of Pokemon to snap, some of which you can only find through very obscure steps, and for each one you need to capture at least 4 different behaviours, plus there are loads of extra ones via the request system. Even after you’ve got them all, there is always the feeling that you can get a better picture and boost up your total score, or do a better run. Honestly think this is pretty much a perfect game.

Aye there is loads! I’d like if there was more post game stuff but certainly if you’re into completing stuff there’s a lot to dig into. Don’t see us replaying it any time soon, but I hope they do an expansion/make these more regular than once every 20-odd years.

Reckon they will almost certainly release some expansions for this

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