NEW POLL: DiS picnic in London Saturday 29th June

Hello all.

I’m taking a trip to London :exploding_head: and I don’t think I’ve met a DiSer since 2008 :exploding_head: so that sounds like a good excuse for a meet.

I’ll get in to London around noon and have booked a hotel which is quite a treat for me, so I don’t want to be out too late (back by 10ish at latest).

I would like it to be somewhere that isn’t too loud so I have at least a bit of a chance of being able to follow conversations. And somewhere that is straightforward to get to from Aldgate station. Beyond that I don’t really mind and know nothing about London so hopefully people can make suggestions.

Vote all that you might be interested in (just to get an idea)

  • Lunchtime meet
  • Evening meet
  • No meet :pensive:

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  • Restaurant meal
  • Picnic
  • Drinks
  • Other activity (suggest something)

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  1. This bar is in the hotel I’m staying in Its absurdly expensive and probably not in the least bit exciting to people who are familiar with large cities, but if anyone would want to have a drink there later evening give me a shout.

  2. I’ll be in London again between about 10am and 4pm on Tuesday 2nd July so let me know if you’re free then and want to visit a museum / gallery / park / cafe etc.

  3. I’ll be in Oxford all day on Monday 1st July if anyone wants to do as above.


Very jealous of all these meats lately

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I don’t think I can make this but just to say I’ve stayed in that hotel and the bar is expensive (had our work Christmas do there) but it’s worth a drink there for the view you get.

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Ooh! I am also going to be in oxford on the 1st! I can show you around if you want.

That would be great! I’ve only been once before and didn’t really do anything. Won’t get nearly as stressed in Oxford so will probably make better company than in London.

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You already know this but gonna say it here too. This is my bday weekend and we’re supposed to be booking a mini break away but since our initial research we’ve stalled a bit and so you pals don’t need my life story ffs. Long post short.
If we’re home that weekend, we’ll be absolutely down for a London meet :blush:

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would be there for an evening meet if i lived there still :frowning:

Unfortunately I am away on the 29th.

However, if you want we can meet for lunch on the 2nd. I can also get you in for free at any exhibition at Tate Modern after lunch, if that is something you are interested in.



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in the evening i’ll be going to see Holding Patterns

anyone from the DiS emo crew, we could do a lunchtime meet then go to it after

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After getting excited and hitting yes yes yes on everything I have just checked my calendar and realised I’m not around ffs

All the best people have birthdays that weekend.


If you’re around that would be ace. Get a bit intimidated by modern art but I’ll see what’s on :+1:


Me and still_here are extremely available for this


I’ll have a think about places easy to get to from there that have decent acoustics

(Why don’t more pubs and restaurants have sound boards?!)

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Provisionally I would absolutely be up for this!

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The ticketed exhibition in July is Natalia Goncharova, a leading light of the Russian avant-garde who later in her career lived in Paris.

The galleries at Tate Modern that show part of the permanent collection are free of charge.

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this might seem a bit basic but I’ve always really loved my meals here

very good prices, good veggie and vegan options, very near Aldgate

for drinks, further along into Whitechapel I like this place

if the weather is nice I think a picnic would be nice but there aren’t many parks in the part of London unfrotauntely

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I was planning to be in London that evening anyway for a night out, so afternoon or early evening would both be fab! :stars: