NEW POLL: DiS picnic in London Saturday 29th June

New poll just so I have an idea of whether this is all of two people or an actual thing? Fine either way, just want to get something planned because London trip = stress.

Pincnic in a London park late afternoon / early evening (maybe 4/5ish?) of Sat 29th June:

(assume weather is not an issue for voting purposes)

  • Will definitely be there
  • Will probably be there
  • Might possibly be there

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This is an ‘almost certainly be there’ vote unless I’m catastrophically hungover from a wedding the day before :slight_smile: Any preference for park? Something near the Northern and/or Jubilee line would be fab but I’m fairly easy.

Because of logistics for my evening plans i’ll be turning up super glam, probably in a sequinned dress, and won’t be able to bring much stuff with me (will impede getting into the club) so if anyone can bring a blanket for me to sit on that would be fab :’)

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As above, really don’t know the parks. Do you have one in mind? Gnomey has requested West/North West Side but I don’t really know what that means in the context of London.

Turnout not looking great atm :slightly_frowning_face:

(in terms of quantity anyhow, some A+ quality there)

Given the requests there Regents Park would fit… Gnome/Avery could get the Bakerloo from Paddington and Pervo could use the Jubilee Line.


I would love to come too and the jubs line works for me…

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Does anyone have a time preference?

I think if we’re meeting in a park earlier is better to catch as much sunshine as possible, so, 4ish?


That would work well for me as my hotel check in is from 3, so time to dump bag and freshen up.

So 4pm at Regent’s Park? Is that a problem for anyone in terms of time or location?

Obviously being a picnic there’s no issue with people getting there a bit earlier or later. Might do a new thread tomorrow with confirmed details so it doesn’t get lost down here.

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