New Popular Workshop album

Some of you may remember Popular Workshop from the mid-to-late noughties. Back in 2010 we recorded our 2nd album but never finished it. 10 years later, we finally polished it off and it’s now available via bandcamp - enjoy!



With the increase in rent and the… etc

First listen now…love it! So spiky…

I played a gig with you guys at the Norwich Arts Centre! You were great :smiley:

Ah thanks! Whenever someone asks what being a band was like I say it was 90% leaving work early and driving up the M11 to Norwich.

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Is this an Alan Partridge reference or an Accidental Partridge?

(This is Theo from Pocus Whiteface, btw.)

Hey Theo! Well, I can tell you the other 10% was stopping at the services on the way home to reheat a Ginsters pasty.

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