NEW POTENTIAL G.O.O.D MUSIC SIGNEE? It's always the ones you've never heard of

I stumbled accross this artist on youtube through Bardock Obama. Shortly after I saw him again on hiphop dx & they talked about him possibly signing to TDE. I saw that Kendrick & a couple people from good music are following him. I would not be surprised if he becomes a front runner for good or tde in the next year with enough hype of course.

Not sure why this doesn’t have way more views.

This is the song that sold me. I’m a sucker for anything paying homage to Outkast

Has anyone else heard of NOWDAZE of am I finally the first one up on some dope shit?

hi nowdaze


I think you’re the first one up on this. I’m the first one up on my band too.

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You are finally the first one up on some dope shit my friend

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Hi! … ooops. dammit!