New Red Dead game anybody?


Probably deserves its own thread




red dead DLC for GTA V, calling it.


Will this make me buy a new console…



They’ve posted another image with some western looking folks over a hill. Deffo a new red dead, surprised at little peeps here give a shit? GUYS! ITS GRAND THEFT AUTO WITH COWBOYS!


I am inordinately excited. Gonna do another playthrough of Red Dead off the back of this.

EDIT: hope they do a Bethesda and tell us that this is out in a couple of months.


Gaaaah what a game it was. Tried to replay it in the summer but couldn’t quite get back into it (lost original save so trophy hunting wasn’t an option). Seems like something they should leave alone though, perfect as it was.


Sequel to the popular horse riding and flower picking simulator? Cool.

(I am looking forward to this, the RDR was great)


Imagine red dead online doe! Also this is the 3rd game and the 2nd one was way better than the first so hopefully they can continue the trend.


Nah, when I get my back doors smashed in by Korean teenagers I prefer it to not be online.


That’s what I wouldn’t want tbh (though obvs gonna happen $$$)


Co op horsey riding


Cannot WAIT. Apparently the early leak suggests a map that builds on/includes the existing map from RDR, but absolutely massive.

Really hoping it will be a short notice release!


Hope there’s a saloon pianist playing Soundgarden and Radiohead.


The score for Redemption is stunning. They better bring back Elm and Jackson for this’un


so his son out for revenge then?



Prequel I think?


Yeah since RDR did the whole eulogy to the old west thing it makes sense they go earlier. That map that leaked didn’t have the railways as far west so seems to indicate that’s the case.


Just finished reading Blood Meridian and definitely in the mood for some cowboy action. I really hope they don’t keep us waiting years. GTAV was announced 2 years before release :fearful: