New Releases 01/02

What’s on your lists for today?

New Beirut and Peter Broderick. Not expecting anything ground breaking, but nice enough listens.

Tiny Ruins - Olympic Girls out today. Really liked the singles, so this should be great.

Rustin Man - Drift Code. Resident’s AOTW, so will check that out.


Heard the new Cherry Glazerr on the way to work as I’m seeing them next week. Sounds ok. I’m a “mood music person” and it’s synthy-pop didn’t suit the journey to work in the cold but I’ll give it a few more listens.

Also. heard some of the new Pavo Pavo album. (A but dull and so I switched and listened to The Delines for the rest of the journey in.)

Leon Vynehall’s DJ Kicks and Bassekou Kouyate - Miri are top of my list got today, will check out Beirut too.

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Spielbergs - This is not the end (This records great, uplifting Japandroids influenced garage rock but with some nice post rock elements, anyone who liked Press Club last week will like this I think and I know a lot of folk on here have spoken about them and are fans)

Got Tiny Ruins on now and it’s lovely, Beirut up next.

Think the only one not mentioned is the new Girlpool, would consider myself a casual fan so will give it a listen too.


Wasn’t keen on the direction of the new Girlpool stuff. Will give it a cursory listen, but not expecting much. Not sure how I forgot Speilbergs. Blame my daughter getting me up early.

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thank you for pointing this out!

Yeah, oops, just going off of various record shop release lists. Maybe they’ve just got the physical copy in.

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Le butcherettes - bi/mental

The Speilbergs album is out today. I’m giving it a listen whilst waiting for the bus.

Listening to Beirut now and it is doing very little for me, hoping it sinks in a bit more after a few listens.

Thanks for the heads up for The Spielbergs, Girlpool and Rustin Man, will give them a go later!

I will selfishly plug my friend’s two song ep, she makes ambient/drone music and I think it is good: x - nara is neus

All i needed to hear…

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Beirut working for me so far, lovely stuff.


Is the Guided By Voices album a newie or reissue? I can’t keep up.

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It came out last week but I think it only got one mention in last Friday’s thread so it’s worth pulling up again.

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Second album by David Holmes’ side project Unloved out today…


Dreamy 60s tinged swoon, along the lines of Portishead/non-disco Goldfrapp :+1:


Astronoid’s second album is out. For Shoegaze and metal fans.
It’s like metal Mew.


Spielbergs and Beirut for me today

Double A-side single ‘John Doe’/‘Curse The Songs’ by manchester band Weimar out today.

First local band i’ve been excited about for a while and first ‘indie’ band i’ve given a shit about in years. For fans of Pulp, Modern Lovers, Felt, Television etc…

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I had no idea about this side project. The man can do no wrong for me. Absolute genius.