New Releases 01/06/2018

New Neko Case is sounding bloomin’ brilliant. Got Oneohtrix Point Never, Natalie Prass, Ben Howard and LUMP lined up for the rest of the day

Raum Kingdom release their debut album today.
Should be some quality post metal.

Hardly any albums out today that I’m interested in. Will give Randolph’s Leap a go though.

Otherwise there are loads of new singles out, so might make it a mix day.

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Juliana Daugherty - Light (FFO Sharon Von Etten)

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Father John Misty!

Please don’t be crap, please don’t be crap.

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Mine and @Severed799’s boy has a new EP out today with Jonnie Common, which you should all probably check out. 80s video game influenced fun for all the family

Is this a jag?

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New Vampillia EP. It’s outrageously heavy

Saxophones have a new album with a dreadful cover.

Listening to Oneohtrix now. I like him but his autotune vocal will always remind me that he’s a less good Jaar.

Nothing I’m really clamouring to hear today, although will check out Lump, Natalie Prass and The Saxaphones. Also trying to track down the new Black Thought EP, which is apparently out there somewhere…


Kanye albums gonna drop at some point today innit?


Though ‘Same’ is an absolute monster, ANOHNI’s vocal :ok_hand:

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Forgot that Neko Case’s album’s out today. I listened to Lump twice through on the way to work as I’m seeing them at Rough Trade East tonight. Good album.

God knows, though it doesn’t sound too promising based on what I’ve read from last night’s livestream!

Neko Case and Father John Misty for me this week.

Not much for me today, although i feel like that in general about music at the moment - nothing has grabbed me that much.

Anyway, I’ll add:
Soft Science - Maps Indie/Shoegaze from Sacramento

You could have at least posted my review of it!

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Oneohtrix arrived in the mail just now. Will give it a spin, shortly. No idea how I’ll respond, but the blurb for it on Bleep is preposterous.

Nils Frahm’s put a new EP Encores out apparently.


Batu has a new EP out. Bassy off kilter techno, should be good.

Thou, normally a heavy as fuck sludge metal band has done an acoustic EP. Gave it one listen and I’m not sure.

Ghost- Prequelle is a ripper if you like dodgy 80s stadium rock style things (probably no one here but oh well)

Haven’t had a chance to listen yet but Ame’s debut album is out. Not sure what it will sound like to be honest but seen them DJ and they’ve been pretty great so I’m gonna give it a go.