New Releases 01/06/2018


Just pressing play on the Natalie Prass record now, it was the main one on my list for today.

Only other one on my list that I don’t think has been mentioned yet is ‘Potato Flower’ by The Scottish Enlightenment. Delightfully dour scottish indie perhaps ffo Arab Strap, There Will Be Fireworks only listened once so far but so far so good



Kanye is on Spotify now


And Apple Music


New Mazzy Star EP today and also Groundculture.



Worra bloody band.


Vital Idles - Left Hand


first track of the new FJM is making me hopefully that i’ll actually like this one… only 38mins long in total as well




new Brian Jonestown Massacre album sounds like a return to form (wasn’t keen on Don’t Get Lost)


This is great Ant, ta.


Have listened to the first two tracks an ungodly amount of times today. Black Thought is top-5 dead or alive.


My pal plays cello in Randolph’s Leap!


Desert Mountain Tribe - Om Parvat Mystery is out today.

Loved the 1st record!


oh god, it really is an awful cover.
I’ve liked the songs they’ve released so far, so will listen to the album later and ignore the cover.

Currently listening to Tired Tape Machine - Temporary Loss Of Information. It’s a lot more electronic and instrumental than his previous stuff that I know, but interesting sounding so far.


Ooo wasn’t aware that this was due out! Cheers for the heads up!


Crack Cloud album, not quite as strong as I thought it was gonna be on first listen but I enjoyed all the same and perhaps it’ll be a grower.

FFO - Gang of Four, Talking Heads


I’ve just noticed that the Flaming Lips released a greatest hits yesterday. There’s a 1 cd/lp which is more or less the singles from their hit’s phase but there’s also a 3 CD that covers all the Warners years to present.


Oh and this technically isn’t out yet (as a physical at least) and also this went up on Wednesday but regardless it deserves to be here. I’ve been raving about their live show since February, this is their set closer and them at their most Girl Band. They’re getting hyped to fuck but it’s deserved.


Not a big Laura Marling fan, but really liking this LUMP album. Lovely stuff.