New Releases 01/06/2018


Right back of top form @rich-t, with Juliana Daugherty. new to me, and very nice indeed. Good start to June …


Didn’t expect the new Ben Howard album to be my most listened-to album of the week, but here we are…


Oneohtrix album is superb.


This aside, it’s really great innit.


Yes it really is! The singing makes it more accessible to me in a way.


It’s leaving me not exactly cold, but lukewarm.

I keep feeling “why does this sound like left-overs from the last Bon Iver Record?” which is not something I ever expected to think about OPN.


It’s basically the antithesis of pure comedy and so much the better for that.


Couldn’t disagree more - I find it fascinating and much more instantly affecting than the previous records, which I have admired more than loved.


Should I bother with the new FJM? I really dislike him as a person and I think this has affected my interest in his music.


Huh. I loved Garden of Delete more than anything he’s done for AGES.

Different strokes etc.


this has slipped under the radar, but it’s lovely. Might be more up the street of those who didn’t like the bells and whistles on All Melody…?


I’d say it’s a good shout as it’s as streamlined as his writing and albums have ever been, v direct and un-snarky, and quite lovely. You could safely say you don’t like him if you don’t like this - and at least then you’ll know for sure!


Wise words my man, will give it a few spins tomorrow.


He hasn’t really clicked with me previously but I heard, what I assume is, a single off the new one on the radio today and really enjoyed it. Was surprised it was him tbh. Will give the album a spin tomorrow


I think I probably like it more than you do, but my first reaction to Age Of was “this sounds like a Bizarro World companion album to 22, A Million”, which is no bad thing imo.


I’ve actually come to really like this. It takes from a lot of late 80’s early 90’s bands, particularly The Cure, so isn’t altogether original, but it’s well produced and put together and great sunny summer listening. Much like Deafcult was last year.