New Releases 01 July 22

What have we got today?

Yamila - Visions

Spanish experimental composer Yamila Ríos examines Spanish folklore through the prism of contemporary electronic music. Features Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Moor Mother - Jazz Codes

Latest from the American poet, musician, and activist.

Silberland - The psychedelic side of KOSMISCHE MUSIK VOL 1 (1972-1986)

The psychedelic, edging on kitschy, side of krautrock is surveyed thru freaky tunes by Die Partei, Conrad Schnitzler, Faust, Moebius & Plank and many other greats of that pivotal era.


I’ve got Gwenno and Momma downloaded for today’s listening.

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Momma - Household Name

Indie rock with a sense of humour

Naima Bock - Giant Palm

Former Goat Girl member draws on Brazilian pop, jazz and European folk to make this rhythmic debut


I saw Naima play at the Great Escape festival a couple of times in May and really liked the full band sound and voice. Looking forward to the album!

new fresh! pop punk, emphasis on punk


Randy Holden - Population III
In 1970, Randy Holden released Population II, a forerunner of what would become doom metal. Here’s the follow-up, recorded in 2010 and released now 52 years on from Population II.
Proggy psych blues rock tracks.

Pit Pony - World To Me
Nice bit of raucous garagey indie rock from Newcastle

Oog Bogo - Plastic
LA psych rock

Naomi Alligator - Double Knot
Lo-fi indie folk singer-songwriter.

Gwenno - Tresor
Cornish language comtempo-folk

Lotic - Sparkling Water EP
Tracks from her Water album of last year arranged for brass. Pretty great.

Dominic Murcott - The Harmonic Canon Remixes
Experimental electronica on Nonclassical. Four artists (Loraine James among them) reworking The Harmonic Canon, Dominic Murcott’s work for double bell and metallic percussion.


Quiet week this week for me. Just Momma today. FFO: 90s alternative rock / grunge.

Looks like Gwenno for me


Woah! Had no idea there was a follow up to Population II! Excited to hear this


Municipal Waste

I’ve been in a thrash metal mood the past few weeks so this is perfectly timed. FFO: drinking big bags of cans, wearing once black band t shirts that’ve been washed so many times they’re now grey, having a very sore neck


Only know this guy through Music League but have been meaning to listen to more.


Nonconnah - Don’t Go Down To Lonesome Holler
If you were wanting an album with 8 tracks all lasting between 22 minutes 2 seconds and 22 minutes 7 seconds, then this is the album for you. “a staggering three-hour cavalcade of fuzz, warble, and cryptic otherworldly signals”, and includes contributions from No Age, Archers Of Loaf, Broken Social Scene, Swans, The Love Language, Cloudland Canyon, The Black Heart Procession. It might take a whole day to listen to though.

Francoisz Breut - Grand Demenagement
Longtime French singer, previously worked with Dominque A, Herman Dune, Calexico and Yann Tiersen.

German synthy pop duo.

Mice Parade - lapapọ
I had an album of theirs back in 2005, but then forgot about them until seeing them pop up recently. Apparently this time “The rock is louder; the West-African-inspired highlife breaks are chubbier; the dueling drumkits are more complex, the instrumental passages more serene.”
Not come across the rock yet, sounds nice and crisply tuneful. also has Dirty Projectors and Buke and Gase singers guesting.

Abbie Ozard - Water Based Lullabies
Upbeat bedroom pop.

Also have Gwenno, Naima Block, Momma and Naomi Alligator on my list already.


Agreed. This is unbelievable.


I’m sure this is dreadful, but it does feature new tracks from Phoebe Bridgers, Tierra Whack, Tame Impala, Thundercat, St Vincent, Weyes Blood and RZA :grimacing:

Original Soundtrack - Minions: The Rise of Gru

Conjurer - Pathos

Some riffs. Some doomy, sludgy metal. Debut album was brilliant. Yet to listen, but expect more of the same.


Over in the singles Yard act have a duet out with (checks notes)… Elton John!


The singles have been a lot, lot slower that the first album.


Listening now, there’s clean vocals and it’s much sludgier/slower than I expected.

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Enjoying the Moor Mother album so far, not quite as good as Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes, imo, but still ace. Anyhoot, new tunes…

Cavolo Nero - Cavolo Nero - EP - Psych Funk
Really looking forward to an album from this group. The 2 single tracks from this EP are excellent and the rest doesn’t disappoint.

Ghost Woman - Ghost Woman - Album - Psych
Hazy psych rock from Arizona. Definitely a change of pace from their last EP which was a little more punk, this one is a nice relaxing release.

Dougie Jones Trio - Book - Album - Electro Jazz
FFO Jaga Jazzist. I’m hoping that the track Jazz + Jazz = Jazz might help us work out what Jazz/100 works out to. So many great tracks but personal faves are Coffee Creamer, Jon & John & Jim, and Bike Rabbit at the Tranzac.


He ended up putting it on Bandcamp last Friday, but the second album from Greg Puciato (former Dillinger Escape Plan and The Black Queen front person) gets a general release today. Annoyingly the vinyl options still only seem to be available in the US.


Mostly looking forward to checking the new Moor Mother album. The Two Shell EP that was already out yesterday is good. Will give Gwenno and Crimeapple a go.

Otherwise looking for inspiration here today.