New releases 02/02/18

I’m kicking off with S>>D’s Co Intel Pro. Released by CPU which is pretty much the biggest guarantee that I will enjoy an album. So far it’s an enjoyable slab of old-school IDM.

Whatcha listening to, DiS?

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Efrim Manuel Menuck (‘frontperson’ of GY!BE) put out his second solo record today, Pissing Stars
What little I’ve listened to sounds great—going to listen to it in earnest later


I’ve generally found I like the music released by that label, or whatever it is that links all those artists with that binary.triangle artwork, so I’ll certainly give that a listen.

New The Soft Moon will be getting a spin and I’ve listened, albeit at low volumes, to and been impressed by the new Hookworms album

I think JT’s album might well be out too?

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looking forward to listening to hookworms and field music later, got Palm on right now
inventive, knotty, hooky pop rock

Poppy Ackroyd for me.


Hookworms LP is great. Got Field Music lined up, Anna Burch and the aforementioned Elfrim Manuel Menuck after that too.

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New soft moon, sweet I’ll be checking that out

I’ve been really loving the hookworms record


really enjoyed my first listen. I see what @Severed799 (I think?) was saying about him going pretty full Trent, but that’s fine by me.


just came across this on
sounds very nice indeed thus far

New Soft Moon feeling a little bit like more of the same so far. Might only reveal itself with a proper loud listen rather than with headphones at office levels.

Just blasted through the Bat Fangs album which is bloody terrific! For fans of those Ex Hex & Wild Flag records:

Also got Field Music and Hookworms queued up.

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Cheers for the heads-up - I never knew that was coming!

Aye ‘twas me, it’s still a great sounding record so he just about gets away with it but it is pretty obvious ha

Yeeeep Hookworms is awesome!

New Hanne Kolstø out today - got it lined up to play later, but judging by the song titles it’s another Norwegian-language one. Love all her stuff but harder to engage with when I don’t know what the fuck she’s singing about.

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This is good - expansive, space-y IDM

Poppy Ackroyd is really quite interesting, her name almost put me off, reeking as it does of privilege. Only thing is, it feels a bit ‘BBC Drama’.

Phobophobes is quite good also, not very new though given that eight(!) of the twelve tracks have previously been released.

Saving Field Music for later.

Hookworms vinyl was dispatched from Norman Records yesterday so will be checking that out tomorrow (hopefully) and the new Soft Moon album.

I may check out the new Let’s Eat Grandma record, not that I’ve returned to the debut a great deal.

Is it not just a Let’s Eat Grandma single? Produced by SOPHIE, quite enjoying it.