New Releases 02/04/2021

Think it starts out fantastic but maybe loses a bit of steam by the end. However, exclusively spoken word vocals usually doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

The first 6-7 tracks are good enough that I’ll keep giving it goes to see if it clicks as a whole.

I enjoy it when I’m listening to it but I can’t see myself coming back to it much. One of my favourite bits is the one short section where she sings a bit - they need to do more of that I think.

Label compilation record from Mello Music Group featuring Quelle Chris, Open Mike Eagle, Marlowe, Kool Keith, Apollo Brown,etc and guest credits including the Alchemist, Georgia Anne Muldrow,


Morning everyone!

Last week Floating Points, The Antlers and Lost Girls were the top picks. What have you enjoyed this week?

  • Amulets - Blooming
  • Ben Babbitt - Kentucky Route Zero - Memory Overflow
  • Bryce Dessner, Australian String Quartet - Impermanence/Disintegration
  • Chance デラソウル - Chance デラソウル
  • Departure Lounge - Transmeridian
  • Dirge - Vanishing Point
  • Dog Daisies - You Are Here (Sorry)
  • Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg
  • Du Blonde - Homecoming
  • Eleventh day Dream - Since Grazed
  • Facta - Blush
  • Flock of Dimes - Head of Roses
  • Forest Drive West - Dualism EP
  • Gary Bartz - Gary Bartz JID006
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor - G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!
  • Hit Like A Girl - Heart Racer
  • Iglooghost - Lei Line Eon
  • Incisions - BLISS
  • Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters - Waiting In A Corner
  • Kassa Overall - Shades of Flu 2
  • Kishi Bashi - Emigrant EP
  • La Femme - Paradigmes
  • Lume - False Calm
  • Lyla Foy - Fornever
  • Mello Music Group - Bushido
  • Moontype - Bodies of Water
  • Olhava - Frozen Bloom
  • Ratboys - Happy Birthday, Ratboy
  • Richard Walters - Devon Or Las Vegas EP
  • Ryley Walker - Course In Fable
  • Soso and Maki - If And Only If
  • The Fratellis - Half Drunk Under a Full Moon
  • The Hold Steady - Open Door Policy (Live)
  • The Natvral - Tethers
  • Wode - Burn in Many Mirrors

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Fallen for this Flock of Dimes album v hard over the weekend and found myself going down a Wye Oak rabbit hole.

What have I never found this band for over a decade?

Ordered myself a large back catalogue, which is of such consistent high quality. But especially love ‘Tween’ , which is supposedly an album of cast offs. Wow.

Thanks for the tip off bruised _blood.


Entirely my pleasure! :slightly_smiling_face:

Really hope you enjoy their back catalog. They are consistently great.

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I certainly am. Cheers.

Any excuse to post this again.