New releases - 02/11/2018

Big Dead Can Dance fan but somehow their new album completely escaped me… a lovely surprise to wake up to. On first listen it’s great.

Looking forward to listening to the new Colin Mawson later too.

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Fun fact - literally three quarters of all mentions of Skinny Girl Diet on DiS are by me…

Anyway, Skinny Girl Diet have a new album out today and they are great so you should all listen to it :+1:

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Moonface and the touche amore live album were the main two for me today but delighted this thread reminded me about drug church. Will also give audiobooks a go.

Fyi for anyone like me who was searching for the new Kozelek on Spotify, it’s under Sun Kil Moon

Found this description

Mark Kozelek gonna Mark Kozelek

at this point his stream of consciousness lyrics are basically like an instrument to me. Nobody complains about a guitar sounding like a guitar for example

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actually I bet people do complain about that sorry

Yeah but at least a good guitar lick forms some sort of logical progression

Loving this Moonface on first listen. More jolly than I like my Moonface but the saxophone and autotune aren’t as grating as I might’ve expected. Reminds me of Destroyer and Of Montreal in places


I might listen to the new Tenacious D for nostalgia sake.

Vince Stapes is good


kozelek’s tracks are full of call backs to stuff earlier in the track or previous tracks, repetition and inversion so it’s really no different.

Maybe one for the guilty pleasures thread, but I listened to the first Tenacious D album A LOT at the time…

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Phanerozoic, the new album by The Ocean is out today, I listened to the 3 tracks that had already been released last night (I only just found out a new album was coming) and I can see this vying for AOTY, as their last one Pelagial was for me in 2013.

I will also give more listens to the new Selvans album Faunalia, officially out today but as I’d pre-ordered it I was able to download and listen last night. Brilliant atmospheric black metal from Italy.

The new Pure Wrath that came out a few days ago, Sempiternal Wisdom, will be getting more plays as well.


Its going to take a while to digest this Moonface album. I like the album sonically but so far it seems a bit too samey but it might be more the case of the songs being subtly different so it might grow on me? WE SHALL SEE!

Definitely wouldn’t accuse it of being samey. It did seem to drag on though. I think separating it into two albums might help - the Minotaur stuff and non-Minotaur stuff. Think I’ll make two playlists

Vince Staples all day long. Short but deadly.

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totally agree with this, his lyrical style has been like this for so long now its just part of the package, you either get on board or you don’t. For me it comes down to the compositions and how he frames his narratives, although the criticism of all his stuff sounding the same gets leveled at him now I disagree. Mainly because there is a gulf in his latest stuff of albums I adore and others I have little time for


often I like just little turns of phrases he uses or stuff that’s obviously humorously stilted. Really liked the jazzier freer stuff he did with Jim White & Ben Boye last year and from the first couple of tracks this new one seems similar in feel so I’m looking forward to diving in later :slight_smile:

Finally gone to a SKM gig mentioned on a track of his.
Anyone have fuxkyeahdupsteps number so I can text him about it?