New releases - 02/11/2018


Yes. How much is it worth to you?


Oh, virtually nothing.


Ive still to check that one out. Will give the new one a spin later and if I like will go back to the collaboration,


that new vince staples is intriguing me so far. big fish theory is a goat for me so idk if i’d say this is as good. it’s got the nice weird electronic flourishes tho, production is great as always.


where this?


you can listen here:

or get from here:


only if you like though


is there summat wrong with my spotify cos it’s still only showing heavy flow (2016) :confused:


They’re still (!) unsigned so might take awhile for them to do the Spotify admin?

I am so old school that I have it on CD…


new Drug Church is fucking brilliant lads, get on it:


First new Truckers of Husk tracks in seven (7!) years.


Is lovely this


Enjoyed Vince Staples and Rosalia (really rather good flamenco pop) on the commute this morning. Moonface, Marianne Faithfull and Ian William Craig on my list for later.


for anyone that doesn’t know, it’s yer man from Self Defense Family’s other band


Going to listen again in these orders now


Hiss Golden Messenger has banged out some remasters which is part of a deluxe box set… Bad Debt, Poor Moon, Haw and Virgo Fool


Bloody hell; please hold off the recommendations for a day or so. I have another 23 albums to try from the 26 October new releases thread, before I even get to start this week’s. So far loving the Soap&Skin album, so many thanks to @paulo13 (not for the first time). Blimey, I am away for a week … a week … and this is what happens.



New Allie X ep


Rattle - Sequence

Review here: