New releases - 02/11/2018


‘Remastered’ version of …And Justice For All is out today too. You can hear the bass guitar if you listen very carefully.


I can’t think of the last time a first listen of an album delivered like this, this is fantastic. It’s really Patrick Kindlon’s year, I hope he’s getting recognition outside of here too.

Everyone should go listen to it:

(edit: not sure why it’s starting at track 3, listen to the whole thing!)


Here is a nice review of said album which I hope makes you want to listen to it :slight_smile:


It really really is isn’t it. Fucking brilliant. I bounced off the Self Defense Family album, couldn’t really get into it, but this is awesome.


Yes! Been waiting soooo long for this! A friend excitedly messaged me about it this morning. Hopefully it’s a prelude to a fully-fledged album, like Awesome Tapes From Africa was.


Hope so! I still listen to Accelerated Learning on the regular.


So many proper bangers on that album!


The new Hero Fisher album Glue Moon. Very good (based on first listen). If Nick Cave/PJ Harvey/trippy road movie soundtracks are your thing then I’d recommend.


Keep going with SDF :wink: (or at least try the older, heavier stuff)


Picked up the new Dead Can Dance, mostly because ‘fuck me, a new Dead Can Dance album’. 6 years between this and Anastasis is a little better than the 16 years between Anastasis and Spiritchaser, but still.
Also grabbed Robyn’s new one from last week.


This new Kelly Moran album is an absolute beauty…


Liking the Dead Can Dance one a lot. I have wandered in and out of their “world music for goths” schtick over the years, but after a few listens I think this might be their best for quarter of a century (which tbf just means it’s better than the last two but that doesn’t sound as dramatic).


Missed this the other day but Young Fathers released a B-side of sorts which is pretty nice. Would have liked to see it make the album


Just listening now. This album is a lot of fun! Slightly different in sound but ticking Ash vibes for me


Hooray! Thank you :slight_smile:


David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti’s jazz side project Though Gang - the bulk of which was recorded in the early 90’s. Some of the tracks featured on Fire Walk With Me.


I am finding that PAINT, by, er, PAINT (the solo project of Pedrum Siadatian, the Allah-Las’ lead guitarist) has plenty of woozy, lo-fi, spacey, laid-back vibes. So, if you like that sort of thing, do give it a spin. Go on, here, I’ll make it easy for you …


Might I just say… ROSALIA!!!


I love the ‘Dance Of The Bacchantes’ part of Act I on Dead Can Dance’s Dionysus so much that I’m really rather miffed they didn’t separate the tracks.


Have had a brief listen through of the new Dan Mangan album, especially as he’ll be playing with Laura Gibson next week.

I’m also now listening to an album by Ruby Throat, after seeing that they’ll be playing at Rough Trade West tomorrow, which has the ex-singer from long ago band Queen Adreena, but less noisey. Acousticky stuff, and sounds quite very good so far. (it might technically have been released the previous week, but Spotify says 2nd November).