New Releases 03/06/22

What have we got today?

Mostly about Angel Olsen for me!

Angel Olsen - Big Time

Will also check out the new one from Mick Head, formerly of Shack and Pale Fountains

Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band - Dear Scott


Editrix - Editrix II: Editrix Goes To Hell

Post-punk/nu-metal/emo/noise rock, sort of all of those at times. Or ‘avant butt rock’ as this Massachusets 3-piece previously described themselves. This is their second album, I really like this.

POLIÇA - Madness

Swirly, atmospheric synth-rock. Their 7th album. Or maybe it’s an EP - just 7 tracks and clocking in just over the half hour mark.

There’s supposed to be a Northern Ireland Electronic Workshop compilation due today on TONN with Hannah Peel and This Ship Argo on it, which I’ve been looking out for.

Bloodmist - arc

Electroacoustic improvisation trio. RIYL: Supersilent, Haxan Cloak

incidentally the last day to fund the vinyl campaign for this.

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I have something new out today. Collaboration with a friend. It’s a bit different from what I’ve been doing lately. It’s kind of glitchy, experimental, bit of post-rock in there as well.

First track out today and EP out 1st July -

Spotify -

Bandcamp -


Three new ambient releases…

36 - Symmetry Systems

zakè - Sound Space Variations

Warmth - The Night


very interesting this one!

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Aside from the Angel Olsen I will be checking out

Drone artist Lawrence English and Japanese Noise artist Merzbow collaborate on a new one. I expect this to be fairly harsh white noise stylings.

All girl noise rock band Debut. Reviews make it sound like on the poppier end of things. But going in pretty blind.

No idea about this but I liked the cover and name. Completely blind


New Andrew bird


this is great, love the guitars on this one

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Looks like slim pickings today. But this is sounding glorious:

Adrian Quesada - Boleros Psicodélicos

A tribute to the golden era of balada music; a celebration of the super funky, slightly delirious and deeply soulful sounds that transcended the cultural boundaries of Latin America throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s, from the Black Pumas co-founder with assistance from the likes of Marc Ribot, Money Mark and Girl Ultra.


Just fyi using ‘blind’ in that way could be seen as ableist

Horsegirl have already been mentioned (that album will be properly good, can’t wait to listen) and Angel Olson is the biggie today.

Companion - Second Day Of Spring

Alt folk from Colorado


070 Shake - You Can’t Kill Me

This is sounding pretty good too. Synthpop with a touch of R&B. She has featured on a few Kanye West songs and I’m hearing his influence in the production (not in a bad way). Christine & The Queens guest on one of the tracks.

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The prolific Drive by Truckers release album 14 today,

Artifical Brain - s/t

death metal but quite melodic and weird, idk. RIYL: gorguts, blood incantation, krallice

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Various Artists - NI Electronic Workshop Vol. 1

NI Electronic Workshop is a new initiative originated by Hannah Peel, created to support the development of electronic women artists and producers in Northern Ireland. This new electronic music fund awarded £1000 of synth equipment, along with mentoring in composition and mixing by Hannah Peel and Julie McLarnon of Analogue Catalogue and music released on a special edition cassette on TONN Recordings. The NI Electronic Workshop Award recipients, artists Die Hexen, HY:LY, ÉABHA and This Ship Argo, have as part of the award, created new material specially composed for this release.

Various Artists (Kribo Records) - Sounds of Lecak Vol. 1
Not exactly sure what’s going on here. From what I can gather, I think there’s a person called Maggot who runs the Singaporean label Kribo records, and this is him playing on all these tracks with a bunch of different collaborators making new stuff that sounds like psych and funk and soul from the 70s. I like this anyway, whatever it is.

Lonely Guest - Lonely Guest (Remixes)
Tricky plus collaborators put out the excellent Lonely Guest album last year. Here are three remixes of tracks from it.

The Zells - Ant Farm
Uncomplicated-yet-catchy Pittsburgh indie rock.


Wasnt expecting much but this Polica album is a mess and very boring

Noori & His Dorpa Band - Beja Power! Electric Soul & Brass from Sudan’s Red Sea Coast

A soundtrack of Sudan’s revolution and the first ever international release of the Beja sound, performed by Noori and his Dorpa Band, an unheard outfit from Port Sudan, a city on the Red Sea coast in eastern Sudan and the heart of Beja culture.

Electric soul, blues, jazz, rock, surf, even hints of country, speak fluently to styles and chords that could be Tuareg, Ethiopian, Peruvian or Thai—all grounded by hypnotic Sudanese grooves, Naji’s impeccable, haunting tenor sax, and of course, Noori’s tambo-guitar, a self-made unique hybrid of an electric guitar and an electric tambour, a four-string instrument found across East Africa.

On the Ostinato label, which put out the fantastic Super Somali Sounds record last year.


Teenage Tom Petties - Teenage Tom Petties

Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du and No Age influences are pretty obvious on this record. Lo-fi garage rock and 90s alt rock record from the solo project of one half of Rural France


Gabriel’s Dawn - Gabriel’s Dawn

Jangly indie pop from the midlands, came out earlier this week.

Leaving Time - II

Floridian shoegazey indie rock EP

Various Artists - Síntomas de techno : Ondas electrónicas subterráneas desde Perú (1985​-​1992)

Compilation of Peruvian underground electronica from the late 80s and early 90s.

Rachael Dadd - Flux Alchemy Part 2

Rachael Dadd’s 2019 contemporary folk album Flux given the rework and remix treatment by a range of artists to good effect. The first part released last month is also worth a listen.