New Releases 03/08/18

Got much lined up today? A bit uninspired tbh so will be looking out for some recommendations from this thread

Free Cake For Every Creature - The Bluest Star (nice enough jangly indie in the same vein as Ó or Frankie Cosmos) is about all I’ve got

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I’m listening to Amanda Shires’ album as I type. It’s good. For fans of Neko Case. I couldn’t find much else out.

Helena Hauff has a new album out. I should have downloaded that for listening today too.

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Will give the Helena Hauff album a go. Also like the write up about the Yawning Chasm record but can’t find it anywhere.

Also got Amanda Shires on atm. Will queue up free cake…like most of the acts on double double whammy roster at the moment so suspect it may be my sort of thing. Not much to report from my side. Have seen a bit of press about houndmouth and trophy eyes releases but know little about either

Best label :heart_eyes:

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New EP on Disintegration State from Mute Branches. First of the main tracks is best described as lo-fi ambient guitar funk, and the second is more of a hazy drone workout. Available on Bandcamp and streaming services.


I reckon some folks here will dig LOOSE TOOTH

check em out!

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Another shite week!

Fuck all happening til the 17th

I don’t know if I’m just not trying enough new stuff this year - but it feels SO much weaker than last year.

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Have bloody loved this year’s music. What kinda genres are you into?

Helena Hauff for me too - really liked the four tracks she’s released so far. But, yeah, that’s it for albums.

Ach, it’s always really slow in the Summer. Gives you a chance to catch up on older stuff.

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Just starting Helena Hauff now.

Some good things released this week in the electronic world.

Justin Case’s EP of intricate IDM beats.

And Hotel Neon have put out a live album of their ambient compositions with all proceeds going to charity. It’s Hotel Neon so it’s obviously wonderful.

Not much for me today. Bought Free Cake For Every Creature and the latest Motorpsycho live album earlier in the week, so been giving them a spin.

She’s playing in a few weeks. I’d be tempted to go except for the fact that doors are at 10pm. That’s the time I put on my cocoa. Far too late for a man of my advancing years.

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Listened to Travis Scott and it did nothing for me.


Tirzah next week will be great

Hmmmm not sold on this Helena Hauff album. Feels like it’s aiming at properly unhinged techno and, for me, is just missing the mark.

I’ll be giving that Helena Hauff record a go. Not exactly gunning for cool points here, but I’m also a big James fan, so their new album will be getting a blast today.

Loving Gabe Gurnsey’s (of Factory Floor) new solo album today. Nice and stripped back retro house music.

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