New Releases 03/08/18

Also Worriedaboutsatan’s new EP is typically lush and haunting. More please!


Yeah this is really good.

That’s how I’ve felt about her previous stuff (just missing the mark) but I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far on this so going to give it a go.

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The summer is always a slow time for new releases but this year does seem particularly bad. There are lots of exciting things in September but August looks pretty bleak too.

Helena Hauff (listening to this now and it’s BRILLIANT)

Steve Hauschildt (haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet, but the singles have left me cold. Loved Strands so can’t help but be disappointed)

Gave a listen to Genericana by Elephant Micah, as recommended to me by Google Play.
Early Jason Molina-esque… lovely stuff.
Nothing else grabbing my attention though.

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Looking forward to new Idles and Saintseneca this month, but that’s all i’ve got on the radar…

Ha ha, story of my life too. I’ve missed so many live shows now. Especially since I’d have to tackle the night bus to get home.

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Royal T has released the first decent grime track I’ve heard in what seems like ages today.

Just seen there’s a new Dntel album. Sounds like the kind of meandering electronic some of you may like.

Hi! we did one of those surprise release things again:


I’m kind of grateful for a slow down in releases so I can catch up with stuff

oh wait there’s a new YG album out today?! not on UK Spotify in full yet though

That’s ace - The Smell of Suds and Steel is also fantastic.

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Oh hey! These are both great. First track is a banger.

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Thanks! yeah, that’s my personal favourite :wink:


Free Cake For Every Creature - The Bluest Star - I’m enjoying this, not heard of them before :+1:

Great little band. You’ll probably like everything on double double whammy then

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Doesn’t count as a release at all but the Black Midi session on Mark Riley’s show is something else. Seen em about 8 times already this year and they get better everytime. FFO Fugazi, Polvo, Can, Pere Ubu

Time codes for the songs
Number 1 - 23.51
Number 2 - 49.05
Number 3 - 1:15:15

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