New Releases 04/03/22

Starting the thread early cos I’m excited the Stromae album is out :heart_eyes:

The single have been sick

Whats u excited bout huns?


There’s a new El Ten Eleven album out. Might well give that a spin. Oh, if you’re not familiar with them, they’re a instrumental, a little like Battles


Too early for me to post complete bandcamp or spotify’s just yet, but this one mainly.

Daigo Hanada- Satori (for your ambient, contemporary classical, piano needs)

Lone- Natural Aerials (house, electronic, ambient)

Dolly Parton- Run, Rose, Run


Feel so brave sending out music rec’s before my Spotify Release Radar pops up.


The new Nilüfer Yanya is out. I’ve been listening to her previous one a lot this week and the tracks released from her new album Painless sound brilliant, especially this one:


Mine has given me an album that apparently came out on the 25th so it’s a week behind. Still I enjoyed it.

and what album might that have been?

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Wow really dug this. Going to have to dive in further. Never heard before.

@Mert_Aksac regarding Stromae

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This one

An excellent ambient album from a Death Metal band, great slow atmospheric album.


Oh yeah it’s great even made it’s way into the rolling ambient/drone/modern composition thread where the true kings and queens of music lie. :heart_eyes:


Ugh, back pain waking/keeping me up. Let’s hope posting a whole lot of albums will help somehow…

Cloud Cult - Metamorphosis
Very much looking forward to the new album from these guys. ‘alternative-orchestral-folk-rock’

KAINA - It Was A Home
New City Slang signing. She ‘creates generational music that surpasses borders, a unified expression of her native Chicago, and her Venezuelan and Guatemalan heritage.’
The first couple of tracks remind me of Kadhja Bonet.

Thus Owls: Who Would Hold You If The Sky Betrayed Us?
2022 seems short of long/double albums, so here’s another 1 hour+ album. Swedish/Canadian band. I’m a fan of their previous albums and her strong voice. Extra bonus horns and saxophones in this album apparently.

Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul - Topical Dancer
Loved a previous EP of Charlotte’s, who is now teaming up with Bolis for this album - apparently introduced together by Soulwax. Singing about ‘cultural appropriation and racism, social media vanity, post colonialism and political correctness’. Fun sort of electro-pop, looking forward to properly listening to it.
“Don’t say ‘nice pair’ / say ‘I love the symmetry of you’”

LEYA - Eyeline
Harpist and violinist/vocalist duo from New York, ‘mining intensity through alternate tunings, strange harmonies, and dreamstate operatic-like vocals’. Had previously done a collaborative EP with Eartheater, who guests on one song, along with other guests Julia Byrne, Claire Rousay, Okay Kaya, and Martha Skye Murphy on this album.

CMAT - If My Wife New I’d Be Dead
Irish country music.

Sohnarr - Coral Dusk Reworked
Ex-member of BALTHAZAR. Reworks from her debut album a couple of years ago. Don’t think I’ve listened to the original album, but this sounds lovely so will give it a go too.

Kristine Leschper - The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door
Kate Bush / Joanna Newsom / Karen Peris kinda vibes. With a fair bit of flute.

Telefis - a hAon
Irish duo, ‘theocratic electropop… glitchy soundscape(s) of lush electronica’

Fai Baba - Veranderet
Fai releases his first Swiss dialect and Swiss-Neo-Folk album here.


Beats about birds.

Dominik Eulberg - Avichrom


Babehoven - Sunk

EP of sad indie pop out on Double Double Whammy


5 covers from Spencer Cullum & pals.

Coin Collection was my favourite album of 2020 (rereleased more widely last year). Stuff like Kevin Ayers and Trees were a clear influence on it, so I’m looking forward to hearing his take on these.

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Best artist bio ever?


New Band of Horses sound pretty good, believe it or not.

There is also new EP (though it has over 40 minutes) from Springtime (Gareth Liddiard, Jim White, Chris Abrahams)


Seeking something blistering and heavy for my day please

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Yin Yîn for me today

Their last album was superb… cosmic, catchy, funky and fun. Is still one of my favourite driving albums, hoping this will be the same… the singles were great


Ditz are finally releasing their album too, which should be a decent racket if you like bands like Gilla Band


This is what I am here for