New Releases 04/03/22

First new Cool Kids album for several years & it’s a good un. Actually released yesterday but …

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Anyone want really good synth laden indie rock


Fragile Electronica for a break up


Kojey Radical - Reason To Smile
Described as alt hip hop, collaborated with Sons Of Kemet on their last album, singles were decent, hoping the album follows suit!

Edit - bloody autocorrect.


RZA & DJ Scratch - Saturday Afternoon King Fu Theatre
Yo RZA, the razor, hit me with…a new album recorded in lockdown with DJ Scratch I guess

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Crowbar - Zero And Below
Legendary New Orleans sludge band’s first album in six years.
FFO: bandanas, thick necks, slow head banging, being a bit worried they’re very problematic because the association with Phil Anselmo but not being close enough to them as people to be sure like you know with EyeHateGod they’re all rednecks but these guys had a big radio hit in the 90s right so maybe they’re ok but who knows


Try this!

Noisy hardcore in the same vein(.fm) as Jesus Piece, older ETID, Loathe etc.

Stupid band name mind.


Loved their last album. They were just called Vein then though right?

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Endemic Remote Ensemble - They Fired With Their Lives

"A distant collaboration between six experimental hip hop producers; Deadly Stare, EMC, Hermitofthewoods, Maki, sign one and soso. This group/coalition of collaborators have called themselves “The Endemik Remote Ensemble.”

Each composition on this project was created in a round-robin format. The individual artists all started by creating one part, then passed it forward for the next artist to contribute a part and continued “passing the beat” till all producers contributed to the song.

The tracks were then returned to the original artist, to finalize the arrangement. The final product is album of truly unique collaborations that pack a heavy punch."

Oooo this Cmat album is positively lovely. (Irish cou rry music) as my checks music league status best friend @paulo13 pointed out

High on melody and hooks


Dominik Eulberg, raven?

Also glad to see @hankscorpio maintaining top level descriptions as always.

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Lone has released a few remixed versions from his last album. Some lovely bits, some banging bits a remix from Sherelle. It’s very nice


Just listened to the first three songs of this one and had to turn it off cos it was too early for that kind of thing (in a good way).

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New The Weather Station today (ffo indie folk music).


Brilliant. I need something to wake me up today!

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Would emphasise paulo’s suggestion of Kristin Lescher, reminds me of lots of the best current singer-songwriter stuff like Aldous Harding, Lael Neale, Florist

Maylee Todd - Maloo
She describes these as ‘science fiction lullabies’ and I reckon that’s about right. Telling the story of her big lug avatar from the cover and album name

Fatima & Joe Armon-Jones - Tinted Shades
Ep of dub jazz glistening keyboard man doing his thing with some sultry vocals from Fatima

Allegra Krieger - Precious Thing
Some more nice folksy songwriting, with the odd cinematic production touch

System Exclusive - s/t
Synth rock with a singer who sounds like she’s wearing a leather jacket

Also wanna check out Nulifer, Yin Yin, Charlotte Adigery and Telefis. Another silly week


Oh brilliant. Loved their last one.

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Debut LP from All Structures Align up for pre-order (ffo Bedhead, Codeine, Built to Spill, Slint)


I’ve spent the last few months working on the campaign for The Anchoress’ expanded edition of her critically acclaimed second album The Art of Losing. The record has big Depeche synth anthems, Bowie-y shifts from bombast to gentle strings, and stomach punch Nick Cave-ish ballads, as the record explores the whole rainbow of grief.

Really proud to be involved in this campaign and think some DiSsers are already fans.

The Anchoress’ latest Bandcamp Friday cover is of halsey and is also out today