New Releases 04/06/2021

What’s on for you today?

Japanese Breakfast

Liz Phair

There was a nice interview with her in the latest gold flake paint journal

Will also check out the new wolf alice



Loraine James - Reflection

The big one today for me, good reviews so far for the new album from one of the most exciting artists in electronic music in the UK today.


Greentea Peng - MAN MADE

Lo-fi psychedelic rebel dub soul from South London.


Joao Donato - Jazz is Dead, Vol. 7

Latest instalment of Adrian Young and Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s collaborative series features the Brazilian legend Donato.

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Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend for me! Last Man on the Earth is one of the singles of the year so looking forward to this


Had a listen in the car on the way into work. Goes a bit illuminati hotties at points. Like it.

All about the new Rostam album today. It is really lovely. Kinney is so wonderfully weird

Probably with Loraine James thrown in and checking out the Since I Left You extras.


Fucking hell, they’re really churning them out! I only listened to the Gary Bartz one for the first time yesterday

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Pan Daijing - Jade

& Japanese Breakfast


Jinje has a new EP out. 3 dance bangers and a drone track.

This number is going to destroy dance floors.


Dobet Gnahoré - Couleur

Colourful Afropop from the Ivory Coast.


Contrebrassens - Pensées Interlopes…
Very French woman with lovely instrumentation.

Hildegard - Hildegard
Also has Helena Durand and Ouri on most tracks. Slow sort of electro beats with breathy singing?

Duo Ruut - Kills Kerguseks
Estonian duo. I think I came across this act from someome on this board. It’s just an EP, but lovely quirky Estonian folly sounds.

Tristen - Aquatic Flowers
Sweet pop-folk. The song I’ve heard so far sounds good and she has a nice voice.

San Holo - bb u ok?
Awful album name. Has Weezer and American Football guesting on a song each apparently. I think I followed this act because they guested with someone else I think, so not sure if this is good indie or not. Not vouching for it anyway, but will listen.


New albums from some 80s/90s stalwarts

James - All The Colours of You

Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting


Another recently rediscovered record (previously just a small tape run in the 70s) by legendary Ethiopian band The Walias with Hailu Mergia


Tempted by these as both of their mid-90s best ofs were staples of my CD players for many a year and were absolutely massive with all my friends.

But I never found a studio album I enjoyed much by either one - seems unlikely that trend is going to be bucked in 2021!

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Since I Left You - 20th Anniversary Edition

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Joe Cardamone - Quarentina (released 01/06)

“Recorded in a flurry of home studio sessions with tracks dubbed in one or two takes, just grab the moment… An exercise in immediacy and minimalism accompanied by an episodic film series, documenting modern quarantine life in Los Angeles. A black and white modern noir that’s based on real-life events, as well as surreal life events.”

Suspect you’re right but I am enjoying the Crowded House one so far. Not finding much in the way of soaring sing-along bangers but there’s definitely something there.

Not a new release but going to be hammering the reissue of Feed me weird things today…


Some acoustic versions of tracks from one of last year’s best albums. Usually I’d be cautious of the acoustic treatment, but I love the version of telepatía so I’m curious to hear the rest.

Japanese Breakfast sounds like an absolute winner on first listen.