New Releases 04/06/2021

Is Liz Phair worth checking out? Guyville is an all-timer for me but I have not really vibed with subsequent releases and wasn’t amazed by the preview singles I heard for this one.

Just listened to Loraine James, stunning

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I’m a huge, huge fan of hers. And the first three albums are among my all time favourites - especially Guyville and WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg.

This new one sounds like they wrote a follow up to Space Egg 20 years ago and only released it now. If you didn’t like that album, you probably won’t like this one. But I love it.

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Thanks, that’s very useful to know. Will give it a go :slight_smile:

Only one track, but the new Wildbirds and Peacedrums absolutely BANGS.


Hey folks!

Been away this week with poor internet so didn’t get a chance to put together the weekly poll like I normally would. But more generally, with work picking up a bit in the past few months I’ve been struggling to find the time to do it anyways, so have decided to stop (for now, at least).

If anyone else fancies taking it on, you have my blessing! Otherwise, maybe I’ll pick it back up in the future :+1:


No worries. You’ve done some great work here. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did miss it, but not enough to demand that you should post the list seeing as it looks a lot of work to do each week! :smiley:

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Ok, I’ve never made a poll on here before so let’s see if I can make this work…

Black Midi, Mustafa and Bachelor were the favourites at the end of May, so what were you into last week?

  • Alice Ava - Can You Feel It
  • Butcher Brown - VA Noir
  • Children of Zeus - Balance
  • Contrebrassens - Pensées Interlopes…
  • Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting
  • Deep Tan - Creeping Speedwells
  • Dobet Gnahoré - Couleur
  • Duo Ruut - Kills Kerguseks
  • Greentea Peng - MAN MADE
  • Haiku Salut - Entering
  • Hailu Mergia - Tezeta
  • Hildegard - Hildegard
  • James - All The Colours of You
  • Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee
  • Jinje - Release in This Instance
  • Joao Donato - Jazz is Dead Vol. 7
  • Joe Cardamone - Quarentina
  • Kali Uchis - sin miedo (acoustic)
  • Liz Phair - Soberish
  • Loraine James - Reflection
  • Los Campesinos! - Whole Damn Body
  • Louien - No Tomorrow
  • Mndsgn - Rare Pleasure
  • Pan Daijing - Jade
  • Parting - Unmake Me
  • Pepo Galán & Shinji Wakasa - Between The Leaves
  • Rachel Sermanni - Swallow Me
  • Rebecca Vasmant - With Love from Glasgow
  • Red Fang - Arrows
  • Rome Streetz and ANKHLEJOHN - Genesis 1:27
  • Rostam - Changephobia
  • Ruby Rushton - Spanish Raga
  • San Holo - bb u ok?
  • Self Love - The Complete Illustrated Book of Failure
  • Señor Kino - Aurora Boreal
  • Squarepusher - Feed Me Weird Things (Remastered)
  • Sun Do Silver - 2
  • The Avalanches - Since I Left You - 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Thy Light - Thy Light
  • Tristen - Aquatic Flowers
  • Various Artists - This Is Tehran?
  • Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Love Is Fire
  • Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend
  • worriedaboutsatan - Circles I
  • yumbo - 家 / A House

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Yes it turns out it’s quite the nuisance to make the weekly poll so props to @TVDenimChap for doing it all this time!


Really enjoyed listening to this today! Will definitely be giving it some more time too - thank you!

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Yeah, far too long and too many tracks. It started off and I was enjoying its Tricky-adjacent feels but by the end it felt more like Morcheeba :grimacing:

Many thanks to 6 Music this morning for pointing out Stubborn Heart has a new album out. Their first in 8 years! Already taken a listen and very nice. Sort of downbeat electronic glitchy soul sort of thing I guess?

This is great, just what I needed today.

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Listening now and it sounds pretty big and epic on my headphones!

Enjoying this but also I want this cap


This tune is pretty dope. A bit political though but I can relate it.

Sadly Red Fang is not for me. Something isn’t quite allowing me to ‘fully commit’. Possibly the production is a bit too polished, possibly the singer sounds far too like Metallica’s guy (is it Lars? I feel like that’s the drummer but I always get them confused).

yeah, this is dece

I noticed that a friend of mine mastered it - messaged him and he was like ‘Oh fuck I did that 3 years ago!’. Interesting to see what kind of album it will lead into!

three years?! wow

I am intrigued. gonna go back to their previous stuff and give it a better listen. this is more focused on being a bop than anything I remember…

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