New Releases 04/06/2021

Yeah, same. It’s disappointing, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s kinda minor. But yeah, really dug it on first listen. Went back to her previous EPs too, forgot how good they were.


Epic (40min) two track EP just released by Thy Light, first new material since 2013. Atmospheric/depressive black metal

this is so so good

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Don’t know anything about them - think they might be Mexican(?)

But I stumbled on this and really liked it - shoegazey/Deerhunter-y…

It’s really special eh. AOTY territory that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see how this works live too.

Children of zeus have a new album out. Very much enjoyed the last one. Soul/ hip-hop from Manchester. Gave it a few spins and not as immediate as the last album for me but seems very solid and starting to click for me.

This Greentea Peng album is just brilliant.

Perfect lazy sunny weather listening as well as non-sunny weather listening.


Yeah it helps that it’s landed at the perfect time but it feels to me like a potential album of the year contender, just hugely enjoyable from start to finish. Feels like I’m at Glastonbury every time I put it on.


I’ve been listening to Wolf Alice. Liked their previous stuff. Their new one is good but the some songs and the album as a whole hasn’t cracked for me and so I thought I’d give Greentea Peng a go as I liked the name.

Greentea Peng is brilliant. Not my usual genre and so I’m pleased it works for me so well. Only one week into June in terms of releases I’ll be surprised if there’s a better album out this month.

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Alice Ava - Can You Feel It
Bodies of Water just posted about her new album, as she has played on their records and I think the BoW main guitarist has played a bit on it also. Worth a listen it you like Japanese Breakfast maybe. Quite a nice first listen.
Plus she’s only got 69 monthly listeners so far (nice, etc etc)

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Various Artists - This Is Tehran?

Compilation of artists from the current Tehran music scene.


Really enjoyed this. Thanks so much for sharing! What a find.

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New Mndsgn is bloody great. Jazzy, soulful, poppy vibes, really fun stuff. For fans of Thundercat, Stones Throw Records…

Was quite enjoying the Greentea Peng album and feeling like it was winding down to a finish quite nicely by Kali V2. But that’s only halfway through! A hour seems waaaayyyy too long for the standard that’s on offer here

Yeah it’s very nice sounding but there are no real songs going on here. Filed under background music for me.

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kind of agree but that’s not always a bad thing. The bass playing/production is really enjoyable, so I often find I’m mainly listening to that, but there are some good little vocal and lead bits here and there as well. Will probably reveal itself more if the sun stays out for a few weeks

Yeah agree on the music playing and production. It certainly has a nice chilled summery feel to it. Perhaps had expectations for something more immediate or that would elevate it above that from the hype/positive reviews. May well be a slow burner.

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I think the first 3 or so tracks are genuinely quite strong songs, but so far the rest seems to be relying on ‘vibes’ and really good bass playing (which, as others have said, it does very well, and is totally fine if that’s your thing, but personally doesn’t really hold my interest)

She’s playing a local venue next spring and I was thinking about getting a ticket because it does sound like the kind of thing that would translate to a fun evening live. But £20 + fees is a bit steep for that.

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Liz Phair, Japanese Breakfast, and Wolf Alice made this an expensive day.

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Is Liz Phair worth checking out? Guyville is an all-timer for me but I have not really vibed with subsequent releases and wasn’t amazed by the preview singles I heard for this one.