New Releases 04/12/2020

Golly jeepers, it’s December!

So, winding down to Xmas, what do we have this week, I wonder? All the below seem to have the seasonal theme one way or another, but are likely very different Christmas offerings!

So, for me, its:

Dark Mark - Dark Mark Does Christmas

Calexico - Seasonal Shift

Sigur Ros - Odin’s Raven Magic

Khruangbin - Late Night Tales

Plus, of course, whatever gems this community throws up.

For 1, Mr. Lanegan generally disappoints me more than impresses - someone whose music I feel I should love, but never quite do. Maybe this is the one? The title makes me smile!

For 2, similar tale really. Never really got on with Calexico as much as the man they left behind, Howe Gelb (ATD for me). But I will keep trying.

For 3, used to, but have kind of fallen out of, love with them. But not averse to trying the new one.

Don’t have links for 1 and 2, only 3 and 4. Will add once the albums are added to Spotify, hopefully later today.

[Not interested in the Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes, or Yungblud, but fwiiw I see they also have new material released today]


Son Lux - Tomorrows II
Middle release of a planned trilogy of albums from the abstract strings drums and broken vocals combo.

Tripping with Nils Frahm
Live album to accompany the German composer’s concert film of the same name

Sarah Davachi - Laurus

a more raw and improvisational representation of the composition process for Cantus, Descant in its early stages

Nicholas Lens & Nick Cave - Litanies
Nicks Cave wrote the litanies and Lens the music, and various singers perform this opera.

Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger - Force Majeure
Jazzy bass and harp combo (in case the Joanna Newsom HGATR got you in the mood for more harp explorations)

Com Truise - In Decay, Too
Second album gathering otherwise unreleased works from the career of the retro synth-wave chap.

Keleketla! - Remixes
An impressive roster of producers remixing works from the excellent album this South African collective put out this year (Skee Mask, Project Pablo, Machinedrum…).


Looks like Deafheaven has a live album out called 10 Years Gone.


New Serph! (Lovely glitchy melodic electronica, well, his other stuff is)

V excited about the new (old) stuff from Com Truise tbh


Also released by one of our very own today


Alex Maas - Luca

“washed out acid folk that recalls stripped back early deerhunter and a sun-baked feel that wouldn’t be out of place on a red krayola record” - resident

I read about this in Uncut and like what I’ve heard so far.

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Some contemporary glam with Pop Levi. Probably will be a little shallow but with strong hooks, that’s how I’ve found him before.

We have another DiSer with a new release. Melodic techno with this one.


The Postal Service - Everything Will Change

I will see them live eventually. 20th Anniversary shows anyone?

Death Cab for Cutie - The Georgia EP

More Ben Gibbard. A one day only special EP of covers.


Ah sweet

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The new Alpha Male Tea Party is out today. FFO: mathy Arctangent rock.


Another Disser/Jag

A Christmas EP of originals and covers by Fightmilk! As we still haven’t made music in the same room since the pandemic, we all did our own stuff here. It is excellent! Featuring one I wrote/recorded/mixed and drove myself slightly insane doing… I don’t think you can tell though?

Think my cover is maybe the best piece of music in existence?

Buy it please - money goes to the Trussell Trust


Sylvan Esso have a new ep where they do the full band rearrangements of their electro bangers again. Love it when they do this, sounds huge, really want to see them do it live

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Is the Sigur Ros any good?

bought - looking fwd to listening!

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Wow, I was not expecting such a big day today, especially as it’s December - one of the busiest release days for me in a while! Of those mentioned, I’ll definitely be checking out Calexico, Sigur Ros,Son Lux, Serph, and The Postal Service (shame it’s not a proper new album though!). Other albums:

Konstantin Gropper & Alex Mayr - Wir Konnen Nicht Anders
Konstantin is the Get Well Soon main man, and Alex released a great album in German at the beginning of the year. It mostly sounds like a big orchestral GWS album, 29 tracks (most short), with a couple with singing. A few Christmasy tunes I think. Very happy with it already.

Chapi Chapo & Les Jouets Electroniques - Collector
It’s been a long while since Chapi Chapo’s previous albums - am pleased to have him return. French chap, but with mostly English singing guest speakers. Sounds like a musical toy shop.

Alex Stolze - Kinship Stories
Violin playing and plucking and singing chap. Maybe some Middle Eastern sounds mixed into it? Sounds interesting.

Gabriels - Love And Hate In A Different Time EP
Sort of gospel-y? Norman records describe them as a blend of ANOHNI, Moses Sumny and Alabama Shakes.

Hammock - Longest Year (2020)
Johann Johannsson style soundscapes.

Kelly Moran and Prurient - Chain Reaction At Dusk EP
Prepared piano and drone warm sort of sounds.

Quarter-Life Crisis - EP
Saddle Creek release, with a few guests such as Frances Quinlan and Hovvdy. Slow relaxed indie maybe.

Kishi Bashi and Toby Chu - Stillwater: Vol. 1
A soundtrack album to an Apple TV kids show. He’s an upbeat Owen Pallett type violin chap. There’s a proper Kishi Bashi song at the end, but the rest might just be instrumental TV soundtracking. Will listen.

SUSS - Promise
Looks like it’s a bunch of old white dudes making ‘ambient country’ (‘Brian Eno producing the Western film scores of Ennio Morricone’). Sounds nice!

Sylvan Esso - WITH LOVE EP
New versions of some of their songs from their album earlier this year, which I really need to give a more proper listen to.


Thank you very very much!

It’s a bone fide banger

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Arctic monkeys live albums out today. All profits to charity so I can forgive them the Christmas cash grab.

I’m about a third of the way through and… I’d say the answer rests almost entirely on how fond you are of the fucking marimba as an instrument.

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