New releases - 040518

Thought I would make a thread

A bit overwhelmed with what there is to listen to!

Eternal Summers
Eleanor Friedberger
Jack Ladder
Jon Hopkins
Carb on Carb

Gonna take me weeks for these!!

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Already splurged on Jon Hopkins, elaenor friedberger, and the new Gaz coombes; matador was an underrated gem.

Would normally immediately buy iceage but I’m beginning to wonder how much enjoyment/value I actually got from the last couple of records.

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There’s a new Black Moth Super Rainbow album out today.
If you’ve never heard them, they are described as “neon-hued, cracked-prism psych-pop” or just “an experimental electronic band”.
I really like it so far but I’m not sure it will top Cobra Juicy.


New Damien Jurado for me today. Haven’t heard any of the new material but for those new to him he does pretty intricate Americana with some psychedelic tinges

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There are also new albums out from

Vive La Void (Sanae Yamada from Moon Duo)

DJ Koze out today and it’s amazing :slight_smile:

Looking forward to checking Iceage, Eleanor Friedberger and Hopkins, I guess. Pretty good release day. Happy Friday!


Hopkins is good. Basically, like the other thread, it’s “if you like immunity, oh boy, here comes MORE of that!” which is great. Or, “I loved that sample pack and kit I got a few years back, so here I’ve used all that all over again, but this time, in a different order!”.

Your mileage may vary


Joe Armon-Jones Starting Today for a vibey jazz fix.

Daniel Blumberg (man from Yuck/Hebronix/Oupa) has an album out called Minus where he takes his lovely songwriting and adds a bit of experimental stuff he’s picked up from hanging out at cafe oto


I listened to DJ Koze once on NPR before it got taken down, made the wait even harder… it’s so good!

Also enjoyed Eleanor Friedberger (was streaming yesterday), she just makes music that is so ‘listenable’. I will get round to Jon Hopkins today also.

Seems like there is new ones from Black Moth Super Rainbow and Damien Jurado too, will probably give them a listen.

Edit - sorry that isn’t all supposed to be a reply to you littlebirds!

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Just had a first listen to this. Agree that it’s very much more of the same, but it’s still very good. Reckon it’ll get a few more listens.

First discovered that band when I found Yoni Wolf’s account and it had one single song played which was one of theirs.

As a fyi Damien Jurado not on streaming sites until July


Will get round to Jon Hopkins eventually but I’m much more eager for the new Pinkshinyultrablast. Their new album is really lovely and they were fantastic in Newcastle last night.

Joe Armon-Jones is ace. Also recommend Group Listening (a duo featuring Sweet Baboo and a pal) doing covers of fairly avant-garde tunes on piano and clarinet. If that kind of thing sounds good to you!

Will also listen to new stuff from Snapped Ankles (RSD release out on Spotify now), Belly, Pinkshinyultrablast and Palace Winter.

Phew, after a really barren period, it’s finally picking up again!

Yup, really enjoying Daniel Blumberg this morning.

Also got Belly lined up. Hopkins is good stuff already.

Hopkins and PSUB for me Clive

I’m gonna dive into the gnew GNOD, Pinkshinyultrablast and Black Moth Super Rainbow today. Will also give the Jon Hopkins a listen to finally answer the question, “is it Jon Hopkins that I like or am I thinking of someone else?”

Just got up and stuck Tropical Fuck Storm straight on. Been waiting for ages for this! :slight_smile:

Have heard mixed things about Eleanor Friedberger’s new one but will give it a go. DJ Koze too maybe.

Aside from ones mentioned already (TFS, Pinkshinyultrablast, Iceage, GNOD, Daniel Blumberg, Carb on Carb) the new Adam Stafford is sounding very promising