New releases - 040518

Past couple of weeks have been pretty quiet so looking forward to checking some of these out later.

Particularly psyched for GNOD and Pinkshinyultrablast.

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Really enjoying just how much like Cocteau Twins Pinkshinyultrablast are sounding these days. Just enough so that I don’t just want to turn it off and listen to Cocteau Twins. Find Your Saint is really gorgeous.

Highly recommend the DJ Koze record. Guess it loosely falls into the category of “indietronica” - it isn’t really house, techno, hip hop, pop or indie, but it’s probably one of the best examples of someone occupying a space between all that that I can remember. Think fans of The Avalanches will really dig it. Not sure someone will make a better abstract pop album this year, it’s full of weird sounds and combinations that only he could pull off, covering so much ground. Yeah, it’s great.

Probably the most straightforward disco/house track on the record but a complete beauty


I can already tell I’m going to have this on all summer. Just got to ‘Lord Knows’, what a beauty!

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Tropical fuck storm LP and amazing singles from christina aguilera and dirty projectors. What a time to be alive!

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Canny wait for:
Jon Hopkins
Eleanor Friedberger
And DJ Koze because a few of you have been banging on about it. :+1:

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This is the best way to sum it up :heart:

Ah this is great! Bonfire especially

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Yeah, this is great so far. Haven’t listened to them in a long time, maybe I’m misremembering them but really feels like those electronic elements have been pushed to the fore by comparison to the old stuff. Either way, it sounds great.

And now I see that they played near me in Manc a couple of nights ago! Why!

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Such a great band. The last two albums have been great. “Glitter” is probably my favourite shoegaze track of all time too

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That track is great. Bonfire is a very silly name for a track that prominently samples yer man Bon Iver

Didn’t really listen to Grandfeathered much. Actually I’m not sure I ever gave it a listen which is ridiculous as I love Everything Else Matters. It’s just wall to wall delirious shoegaze bangers.

@blobcow they definitely seem to have grown into the electronic part of their sound. Normally I miss guitars when they get buried but not so much on this album. Sadly they skipped Cardiff on this tour - they were fabulous here in 2015.

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Steven Adams (out of Broken Family Band/Singing Adams) new album. Supposedly a ‘Brexit-themed rock opera’.

Gets a good write up here

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Yeah, this is on the money. It’s… fine, but it’s paling alongside Daniel Avery and Rival Consoles in terms of doing something interesting.

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That Rival Consoles album is good. Forgot Avery even released a new one. That flew under the radar a bit in the end

In for Koze and Jon Hopkins. Gonna buy them both on ma lunch break.

Have been RINSING Pick Up this year,


Will be picking up Jon Hopkins in a little bit, and maybe Pinkshinyultrablast if HMV have it (haha they won’t).

Pick Up is good but by using that sample it feels a bit of a retread of Final Credits by Midland which was already a pretty big song last year, I really like the album though.

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Koze has been playing the song in his sets for years. I’m pretty sure it’s a coincidence. Wouldn’t be surprised if he pushed the release back in the end because of Final Credits. Is a weird deja vu though that the same sample will be on two of the big festival dance hits in consecutive summers

Might as well include the track now:

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Listening back to the two songs he definitely does his own thing with it, I guess by hearing Final Credits first it’s just hard to disassociate the sample from it.