New Releases 05/05/2017

Descriptions as ever, please

It’s big returners day on the 2017 calendar as Slowdive and At The Drive-in back up their live returns with what what the rumblings suggest are worthwhile additions to their catalogue.

Elsewhere I’ve so far offlined albums by
Emperor X - lo-fi noisy indie, or something
Perfume Genius - like the name suggests, beautifully scented
Gnarwolves - idk, what are they, punk? Hardcore? Could be better?
LCD Soundsystem - 2017’s NIN

What else have we got? Apparently there’s an album called Birth Of A Goat…


In addition to Slowdive and PG, it’s a good day for EOTR festival releases:

Mac Demarco: Apparently this is mac’s most folky, focused and least schtick-y album…so could very well be a favourite
Pond: Aussie psych-pop featuring members of Tame Impala

oooh, I’m interested to hear that new Pond album. might try out Mac Demarco too, both are playing Primavera, I think.

Lying in bed listening to a NEW Slowdive record and the world feels like a better place.

Ruddy, ruddy lovely.


new ATDI will be getting played LOUD today, hope it doesn’t disappoint!

First port of call for me too

On my list:

LCD Soundsystem
Forest Swords
Afghan Whigs
Penguin Cafe
Chino Amobi

Oo, Afghan Whigs as wel? In we go!

I just can’t get excited for an At the Drive-In record in 2017. The best you can hope for is, “not as shit as I expected” or perhaps, “better than Refused’s comeback.”

Have slightly higher hopes for the Afghan Whigs album.

Got the following lined up for today:

John Moreland
Mac DeMarco
Perfume Genius
Afghan Whigs
Nite Jewel
Moon Duo
Forest Swords

BIG release day!

New Slowdive, natch.

I started my day with Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol 1. I’m a huge fan of Luke Vibert in all his guises - still sounds like he’s having loads of fun making music after all these years (unlike, say, Squarepusher). This offering does what it says on the tin - throwback rave and garage. Definitely a good listen while the sun’s shining.

Currently on The Imperfect Sea by Penguin Cafe. It’s nominally modern classical (my general ambivalence towards that genre is well-documented on these forums), but it’s layering it on top of percussion (which I am well on-board with) and sounds absolutely lovely. Will post in the ambient thread if the remainder of the album is as good as the first few tracks.
Edit: I see @bruised_blood has already mentioned this


New atdi is great on first listen

Halfway through the Whigs - it’s fucking great.


Although I completely failed to provide descriptions, so thank you for covering that bit. :wink:

I’m really enjoying it. Omar is in fine form

Really looking forward to this one. Hoping it, Forest Swords and Penguin Cafe show up on eMusic today, as I’ve got a bunch of credit saved up.

The Slowdive LP will be one i’ll listen to over and over, but first impressions are that the final two thirds of it are really nice, but sadly lack the energy of the first third, which is fine, but maybe not what i was expecting.

Looking forward to listening to the new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (feat. At The Drive-In) album today.


Really not feeling new Perfume Genius which is heartbreaking

Really? I’m on my second listen already. Love it.