New Releases 05 Aug 22

Seems at first glance like a quieter one today.

Kokoroko - Could We Be More

Debut album from London-based afrobeat, jazz, soul, 70s funk, West African group.

Jake Muir & Evan Caminiti - Talisman

Beatless ambient inspired by desert rock. Possibly a Boomkat exclusive, can’t find it anywhere else.

zakè and Wayne Robert Thomas - To Those Who Dwelt in a Land of Deep Darkness

New one from the ultra-prolific ambient producer, this time teaming up with US-based guitarist.

Warmth - The Night (Addendum)

Spanish ambient artist with a companion piece to album released earlier this year.


It’s King Stingday! Get onto King Stingray

might be a bit too parochial for this forum, but really been looking forward to this one down here in Australia. Kids from Yothu Yindu make an indie rock album, with indigenous and non indigenous alike ideas blended.


Jay Worthy & Harry Fraud - You Take The Credit, We’ll Take The Check

Underground Rap/Hip-hop mostly going to give a listen for the production & features (Curren$y, Conway The Machine, Larry June)

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Cheekface - Too Much To Ask

Surprise third album of witty, sharp observational indie. Sidney Gish makes an appearance or 2 as well.


Marci - s/t

Breezy pop rock from one of TOPS in the Haim kinda throwback style. Fun for all the family

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Art Moore - Art Moore

Highly anticipated debut. The below is a from a review of their debut single

"Art Moore make vivid, heartbreaking short stories. Each song on the newly formed three-piece’s self-titled debut album is its own individual universe of bittersweet feeling: a brief snapshot of a moment in time that captures the fragility and occasional impossibility of human connection. The ten tracks that comprise the record are deft character studies, zeroing in on restless widows, shy beginners, jilted friends and friendly exes, chronicling minute moments — road trips, casual dates, games of truth or dare — with rich detail and subtle wit. The result is a world of remarkable emotional complexity, an album-length study of loneliness, heartache, and loss that’s sweet but never saccharine, sad but never maudlin."


Picking up after a slow July for me:

Issy Wood - My Body Your Choice
Have liked a few of her singles/EPs over the past year or so. Sounds a bit like a slightly more poppy Keeley Forsyth maybe.

Harlan T. Bobo - Porch Songs
Americana singer songwriter.

Cucina Povera and Ben Vince - There I See Everything
Discovered Cucina from a DiS Music League round a long time ago. Ethereally experimental sounds.

Erland Cooper - Music For Growing Flowers
Erland Cooper shares a new mesmerising ambient album to be listened to while growing your own flowers and plants.

Julianna Zachariou - Hero Of Your Heart
Americana folky sounds.

Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business - The Piano Tapes, Vol. 1
EP of stripped down songs from the normally more upbeat choral-punk band.

Bessie Turner - Arrabbiata EP
British alt-pop artist.

Meridian Brothers & El Grupo Renacimiento
Columbian latin rock/psychedelia with South American and Carribean folk traditions and rhythms apparently.


Alex Banks - Projections

Synthy electronica ffo Max Cooper.


Soulfly- Totem.

FFO old school thrash, riffs, and shouting.


Brilliant album, really keen to see them live on this tour too.

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Oh hello. This is looooovely.

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Mainly Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business and Cucina Povera for me, though also these:

The Movers – ‘Vol. 1 – 1970-1976

Latest crate-digging release from Analog Africa, this collection of ‘Township Jive’ by 70s South African ensemble The Movers is a real find. Review on the Folk Radio website.

Brijean - Angelo

Woozy loungey bittersweet electro EP.


Quiet day. Got the new Neil Young live one on (yes, another one). This is with Promise of the Real who I saw him play with at Hyde Park. It’s excellent, whisper it, but maybe up there with Crazy Horse these days.

The Interrupters - In The Wild
Poppy ska punk I inexplicably have a real soft spot for. Bit like a lighter version of the Distillers.

FFO: feeling slightly ashamed of yourself for enjoying a ska album (I have actually enjoyed a lot of ska this year which may be my mid life crisis), pork pie hats, the late 90s, the first two Tony Hawks Pro Skater soundtracks

Dub War - Westgate Under Fire
Underrated 90s dub / reggae tinged metal band return with first new album in about 25 years. I love Benji’s voice so think this could be fun.

FFO: The Newport Helicopter, skipping through those old Earache Record compilations to get to Strike It which was objectively the best song on them except Pulkas who nobody remembers but I would be delighted if they reformed to play shows to absolutely no one

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Pussy Riot - Matriarchy Now

If you haven’t listened to Pussy Riot since 2012, when their Punk Prayer earned three members of the Russian feminist punk art collective two years in a penal colony, brace yourself.

Though they’ve long since abandoned Oi!-by-way-of-Bikini Kill thrash-n-yell, this debut mixtape, executive produced by Tove Lo and stuffed with guests from iLoveMakonnen to Big Freedia, is a different world: kitsch, hypersexual political pop in which irony and ideology grind awkwardly.

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Soulfly - Totem

Somehow for the twelfth time Max Cavalera has not reformed the Chaos AD era Sepultura lineup and instead stubbornly released an album that sounds exactly like it anyway.

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Healing Potpourri - Paradise

Light and loungy psych. Suits the sunshine


Lifeguard - Crowd Can Talk EP

Chicago teenage three-piece noisy, fuzzy guitar band.

staraya derevnya - Boulder blues

“British-Israeli krautfolk collective”. Pleasingly weird.

In 1972, following the BBC’s airing of Christmas ghost story, The Stone Tape, a theory arose that the energy generated during traumatic or emotional events could be recorded onto rocks and replayed at a later date. This psychometric notion, known as The Stone Tape Theory, lays the foundations for the latest release from self-professed ‘Krautfolk collective’ Staraya Derevnya.


Main one for me is the widescreen decorous heart on the sleeves 4ADish dreampop of Breathless. Best known for their 80s/early 90s output (I bought the recent-ish reissue of Between Happiness and Heartache) their last album a decade ago “Green to Blue” was also a minor classic so have high hopes for this new one: See Those Colours Fly.

Will check out some of the above in an otherwise typically August quiet week… so thanks for the tips.

Bit surprised to see no mention of the new C Duncan - Alluvium - imagine there will be a few takers for it even if I’m not particularly one of them


This is a bit of a plug cause I’m on it, buuut for fans of ambient / experimental electronic - Front and Follow released the first volume of their new series of artist collaborations. We were basically grouped randomly with two other artists and tasked with (a) making music using samples provided by (or stolen from) the first, and (b) providing samples for the second to make their track with.

Like any good compilation in this style, it flooows very nicely. Highly recommend it (and it’s for a good cause - proceeds go to SPIN, a homelessness charity in Manc)

ok i’ll get back to work now shush