New Releases 06/04/2018

So, fellow DiSers, it is that time of the week - what have you got lined up for today?

For myself, I am looking forward to Paul de Jong’s follow up to If, You Fucken Sucker (any PdY/Books lovers on here?), then heading over to check out Daniel Avery’s Song for Alpha (I am sure there are a few DA aficionados on here), and then whatever the good folks on here post that sound particularly intriguing. (I will probably check out Eels new one too, but with very limited expectations.)



@PaintyCanNed: duly added to list (thanks!)

Mastersystem. Members of Editors, Frightened Rabbit and Minor Victories.
Christina Vantzou - No.4


New The Wonder Years album is out today. I thought the new Manics one was as well but apparently not.

Daniel Avery is 100% the one for me today.

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Hop Along
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Daniel Avery
Fenne Lily
Pompey (More Is Less EP)
Andrew Younker
Oklo (International Waters EP)
Nonpareils one of the old Liars members’ solo LP
Christina Vantzou

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Just noticed there is a new Sloan album as well, must check that out!

Dr Octagon and Daniel Avery for me today Jeff. One each for the commutes in and back, not sure which way round yet.

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The Longcut.

Goat girl and hop along for me.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats: tribute to All Hail West Texas by (obviously) the Mountain Goats, featuring Craig Finn, Amanda Palmer, Andrew Bird etc
Wye Oak
Goat Girl
Kali Ucichs
Daniel Avery
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

Other than the first three these are all ‘got a good rating on Metacritic and seem like they might be interesting’.

This thread is much more helpful when people give a brief description of each artist.


Yup, PdY all lined up. The Books are one of my all time favourite bands, and I loved his last album. Be interesting to see where he goes with this one, sounds like it might be a lot weirder.

Oh also got Daniel Avery, Hop Along and Wye Oak scheduled in too. Bumper crop day!

Gonna bung on Daniel Avery once I get into the office - his last one never fully landed for me beyond the closer, but still intrigued for some techno.

I also done an album of ambient techno which I released this week for folks. Kinda early Warp Records vibes (I hope).

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Hop Along, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Mastersystem are all very good releases out today

UMO is Prince meets Tame Impala


Wye Oak, Mastersystem and Eels for me.

Didn’t know about the Mountain Goat tribute album or the podcast it’s from. Will be checking that out.

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yeah, I’m pretty keen to get involved on that album. I can’t remember much more than enjoying their last album, but have really enjoyed the lead singles for this one.

Lot of stuff already mentioned so I will just throw in the new album from The Amazing. The single has an early Sun Kil Moon vibe to it. Looking forward to it.

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