New Releases 06/04/2018


@captainricebox - fair comment/lazy bugger (delete as appropriate).

Not easy to describe Paul de Jong’s music. Of his prior album Allmusic say: “a lively album built around the disparate elements of traditional folk arrangements, found-sound samples, and electronic textures”. If you know/like the Books, you should try this.

I think others on here will be better able to describe Daniel Avery’s genre than me, but from the DiS review of his latest offering comes this which might help: “The hypnotic textures of BoC, the jittering slow motion techno of Aphex’s Selected Ambient Works , and even the more out there drunken synth melodies of LFO and early Autechre all seemingly play a part on Song For Alpha , and it’s to Avery’s credit that he’s managed to take those elements and make them sound so refreshing 20-plus years later”.

People know Eels right? Kind of cinematic, often orchestrated, quirky indie-ish rock. Or something like that.

Happy listening!


Christian Fitness: Nuance - The Musical should drop at some point this week which is nice.


Hop Along and Kississipi, lads.


Probably just Eels this week, and I think there’s no more new releases I’m interested in for the next two weeks. Roll on the 27th and Janelle Monae!


Forgot about this. Thx


The wistful techno of Stereo L is a very positive start to this Daniel Avery album.

He’s basically made the album I was trying to make, the shit.


Aye the new Daniel Avery is :ok_hand:


Hop Along
Wye Oak
Fenne Lily all downloaded for listening today.

Looking forward to Fenne Lily. Seeing her gig next Tuesday.


Loads of stuff today. Hop Along, Goat Girl, Eels all on my list.

No Thank You (similar to Hop Along) released a new one a few days ago as well. They put out my favourite single last year, so definitely giving this one a spin.

I think Tuvaband have a new single out too. I usually hate synthpop, but they seem to have perfected the darker side of it.


Got the Daniel Avery one on now, as I loved Water Jump. Yeah, this is a banger. Will also give Eels and Wye Oak a blast later.


New Shall Remain Nameless is well worth your time if you like ambient music. Haunting swirling harmonies.


Lice - It All Worked Out Great Vol 1

It’s really good, like the Birthday Party meets the Fall.


cant wait to get the new UMO at lunchtime, deff one of my fave “currently active” bands

Cant decide whether to splash out on the pink vinyl with extra 12" or just get the regular.

Won’t actually have time to listen to it properly until tomorrow


The Daniel Avery album is so good, Diminuendo is incredible


Agreed. It’s SO so good. ‘Citizen // Nowhere’ and ‘Sensation’ current faves.


Slow Fade is doing it for me.


MIEN (Rocket Recordings)

Guys from The Black Angels, The Horrors, Elephant Stone & The Earlies


Had high hopes for Daniel Avery. They’ve been met. Really excellent.


Eels and Goat Girl.

Really like Eels one.


New Kississipi is really good. Hop Along is good but might take a few listens to properly sink in.

Just hit play on the new Kali Uchis.