New Releases 06/04/2018


Wish the weeks would slow down a bit so I can catch up with all of the previous week’s releases I want to listen to.

Will add Hinds, MIEN, Daniel Avery, UMO, Goat Girl, Hop Along and Mastersystem to my ever expanding list.


This sounds like it’d be right up my street as well, jesus


Yeah, it’s album of the year territory, this.


Daniel Avery: not listened to him before! So far the album puts me very much in mind of early/mid 90s Mike Paradinas, which is no bad thing.


Really glad he whacked Sensation on this, been listening to it for 2 YEARS NOW THANKS DAN!


Weird, it’s less than 8 mins on Spotify




yeah Hop Along took me ages, initially was like “wtf dudes wheres the distortion?! What are these string quartets doing here?!” but actually it turns out it’s really great


yeah, really liked that whole Slow Fade EP he put out a few weeks ago too - Fever Dream on that is properly good


Not big on new Hop Along, loved Painted Shut but seems like all the jagged edges have been polished off. It’s a bit clean for my taste. Thought the wonky Modest Mouse-esque solo in the first track was a good early sign but hasn’t delivered. Francis Quinlan’s voice is still great though.


Mastersystem, which is made of members of Editors and Frightened Rabbit,to name but a few, release their album today called ‘Dance Music’. It’s very good.


On call tonight so won’t be able to listen to anything til tomorrow, but then I will try to hear;

The Longcut
Winterfylleth (although I’m not that hopeful or enthusiastic about an all acoustic album)
Daniel Avery
Eels (maybe)


here that Daniel Avery rekkid is pure gid aye, cheers laedz


New Cosmic Psychos is out today. Not on any of the streaming services so far

Hopefully some prime Aussie Yobbo rock



Messa - Feast for Water is out today if you like your accessible, Windhand-esque doom. S’good.

Quite enjoying Hop Along as well. Got Christina Vanzuo to listen to and after all the praise I think I’m gonna have to give Daniel Avery’s new 'un a go as well.


Nice shout. Ta!


8.5 hours of music for me to listen to just from this one thread already, jeez. The pressure of being a music nerd eh.


Enjoying the Hop Along and Wye Oak albums so far. Each is getting significantly better with each listen.


Another positive review of Daniel Avery here. Just whacked on Wye Oak and it sounds promising!