New Releases 06/04/2018


Another couple I’ll be giving a listen:

Very slow, near-ambient, very pretty sounding songs from New Zealand.

I’m going to Ghent next month, so will be giving these guys a look too. The single seems to be 90s-ish “alt-rock” but in a good way.


The Family Crest - The War: Act I

This new album from The Family Crest is sohhh bloody good! I think it surpasses Beneath the Brine. Such lush, rich, epic symphonic arrangements. I keep just thinking, Holy Fuck, Album of the Year?


This is going to be stuck in my head for while


Not sure if this has been mentioned up thread but… I’m giving the new ep by Lisa Hannigan & The Colorist Orchestra a listen


Think Daniel Avery’s brilliant. I liked the Dr Octagon on one listen as well. Not so sold on Goat Girl yet, but I’ll give it another whirl. Haven’t made it to Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Panopticon or Toshio Matsuura yet, all of which I picked out this morning.


Bit late to thread due to manic work day…beautifully soundtracked by Daniel Avery, stunning album.
Will likely give Eels a listen over the weekend, although in truth have been let down by everything since Hombre Lobo.


Oh this new Rafiq Bhatia record sounds special.


Always amuses me how differently two fans can react to new material - when I heard the opening strings to Prior Things it was instantly my favourite thing they’ve ever made.


Been waiting for this to appear on Spotify for a long while. It’s bloody great


My release of the week is the new Bambara:

The bio sums things up well: noise rock and post punk, mining the work of bands like Swans and The Birthday Party.

I’ve been going back to this album quite a bit. It’s got a lot of fun effects, propulsive rythyms, and some well executed noise. Solid stuff.


From that description I’m now listening. Great rec.


enjoying the new Somadrone album. electronicy/bass/drums in a sort of Broadcast-y fashion i guess?


oooooooooooooh nice


On Spotify here thankfully - another corker from the lads!


Intrigued by the new Avery. I quite liked the first, but wasn’t amazing.

Someone on Twitter described the first as a ‘paradigm shift’ or something. Not sure how many albums he’s actually heard.


Thanks @Pale-eyedBadger. I didn’t know about this, but have now just listened and it is indeed a lovely thing. As is this thread!


I’m not into that kind of music usually, but a very strong entry. It gets more intense in the second part of the album, which I liked. I’m going to play it again today I think.


This is really great so far. Thanks for the recommendation!


The Daniel Avery album is excellent, definite early Aphex/Autechre vibes :grinning:

Somehow got Wye Oak and Weyes Blood mixed up in my head, so was a bit confused/disappointed with that one :upside_down_face:


Well, tomorrow is almost upon us, but that’s for another thread. Some great records out last week, and I appreciate everyone’s suggestions above. However, I’d particularly like to thank @rich-t for directing me towards Fenne Lily (how was the gig @BMS1?), and @Pale-eyedBadger for the skinny on the Colorist Orchestra & Lisa Hannigan’s EP. Both wonderful records. I am also guiltily enjoying Tom Misch’s Geography (whilst wearing my beige slacks and sipping my warm water, obvs.) - not mentioned above, and possibly not a record that hits the prime DiS constituency. (Actually, I am increasingly worried I am going a bit MOR-ish …).