New Releases 06/04/2018


In all fairness, I’ve not listened to it yet. Spending too much time with Hop Along and No Thank You


You should! Really. For me, Hop Along hasn’t really clicked. But I will try No Thank You right now. I know it got a mention above, but I don’t think i got around to listening to that one.


What’s your fav from the Hop Along album? Prior Things and the back half of Abel gets me every time.


You are welcome! The first I knew about it was when a track popped up in my release reader on Spotify.


Yer man from No Age mentioned these at the gig in Bristol recently.


I saw Fenne Lily at The Moth Club. Good performance. She’s a cut above those in her genre.

That was my “review” on the Last Night’s Gig Was thread. Good gig. I enjoyed it. I work about 10 minutes walk from The Moth Club and so it was a nice finish to a long day at work. Not sure if I’d necessarily see she again though but enjoyed Tuesday’s gig.


I’m really liking this album, I’m glad I gave it a shot… I’m not familiar at all with the members’ other bands (though I remember hearing and liking one Frightened Rabbit album years ago, not sure why I never continued with them) - I guess I’ll have to add Frightened Rabbit, Minor Victories, and Editors to my to listen list.

I haven’t settled on a favorite yet but today “Old Team” has delivered.


Agreed, it’s a great record. Getting better and better.
The Minor Victories album from last year (possibly year before) is also very good. It has Rachel Goswell from Slowdive on vocals. I also love Editors; they have quite a back catalogue now, including a new album released a few weeks ago.


This is brilliant, cheers!


I love the Teen Creeps album actually, can’t believe this hasn’t been mentioned more!


Yup. It’s really good fun. Can see it being my holiday soundtrack next week.


Midas Falls released a new album on Friday, it’s a mix of electronics, post rock and shoegazing.
The singer reminds me of Tori Amos and it’s brilliant.

Seriously, I’ve been trying to ween myself of post rock and then 3 great albums get released in one day :confused:


this is really good isn’t it? I get a seafood vibe off it!