New Releases 06/09/2019

What’s on the list for you guys today?

Frankie Cosmos has a new one out so that’ll be my morning listening sorted. Will also try L’epee and Bat for lashes

Have managed to go through life without knowing what a “Post Malone” is but apparently Kanye and Father John Misty have writing credits on his new album so I guess I’m going to listen to that at least once.

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He’s the first headliner of Reading festival I’ve never heard a song by. I’m going to keep things this way.

Hes fucking terrible mate

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Lower Dens

There’s new albums from Sandro Perri and Lower Dens out today, so that’ll be me. Though I’m not sure I’m fully on board with Lower Dens new direction, if the early singles are anything to go by.


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Post malone u wazzock

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Barker - Utility, been looking forward to this one,


First up for me is MUNA - Saves The World. Really gorgeous indie pop tunes, (I’m thinking Robyn meets Phoenix?)
the A.A. Williams EP gets a re-release today for anyone who missed it from a wee while back, brilliant gothic indie with some heavy elements

New Death Cab and Wintersleep EPs out today too and also plan to check out new country supergroup The Highwomen (featuring Amanda Shires)

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For me:

L’Epée (the Limiñanas, Anton Newcombe and Emmanuelle Seigner side project)

Lower Dens

Couple of electronic releases I’m looking forward to listening to today.

O’Flynn, to see if it lives up to the promise of the singles.

And Dominik Eulberg appears to have a new one out too.


Bat for Lashes!

This L’Épée album is great.

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Sandro Perri will be the main one for me today. Caught him live last night and the new stuff sounded brilliant. I’ve had this stuck in my head all week:


Day off today so might sample a load of stuff. Iggy and Sandra Perri as already mentioned, then Tinarawen have a new one which is apparently more field recorded and Ashley Henry will be a reliable hit of that cool new jazz thing

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Debut LP from Bonniesongs called Energetic Mind. Love this track called Ice Cream, all the others on the pre release have been good.


Lower Dens and Dominik Eulberg

Mildly curious about a new Madder Rose album too

New one on Disintegration State today!

1st anniversary remix special with top label pals having done remixes of some Dis State favourites. All the profits are being split between Bloody Good Period and Mermaids, who work to end period poverty and support gender diverse young people respectively.

Great mix of electronica bangers and sinister ambient.


I’ll also be checking out the Barker and Lower Dens albums for sure.

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