New Releases 06/09/2019

That O’Flynn album is funky

Already on my second time round Beautiful Vinyl Hunter by Ashley Henry - a must for fans of the current jazz scene.

Will get round to Lower Dens later (usually I’d be all over them)

it now streaming? I am a superfan so ordered directly from Trome Records and received a couple of weeks back.

It is is a strong record - inimitably them but a maturer version…but still with all the great parts present and correct - yearning vocals, Cote’s inspired guitar parts, melancholic melodic goodness.

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Not one of you have mentioned the new Kindness record? It’s fantastic (and features Robyn and Seinabo Sey, amongst others).

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Yeah its been added to Spotufy today.


On first listen, I’m on board and have filled my plate at the buffet with their new direction.

Shaping up to be a high quality release day.

Hawk Eyes have a new one out today which I’m pretty excited about.

Tennis System are supposed to have a new one out but it doesn’t seem to be showing on Google play as yet, despite all the recent singles being available.

Darren Hayman has released yet another album. This time a instrumental one (baring one track with lyrics)

Hawk Eyes are back, in pog form!*

Riffs, riffs, riffs and a song featuring Richard O’Brien! What a time to be alive!

*Pogs sold out


Only heard Sunflower from the Spider-Man film, which is a great tune, not sure I could do a whole album though.

Will probably be shit, will probably only be of interest to a VERY select few (who can’t seem to shed their enthusiasm for Britpop nostalgia), but there’s a new My Life Story out today!

Will have to wait until after this Sandro Perri album though.

This isn’t Steve Lamacq is it? :laughing:

I am proud to invoke the spirit of Steve!

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Looking forward to this - liked all the songs so far - the electro 80s feel suits her.

Nice one, will listen next, I enjoyed the last record so interested if this is similar

Theres a new song out from Spielbergs today too ahead of an EP release. I know there are a few fans on here

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Really liking this Squid ep, got it recommended by a friend and didn’t know what it was going in. I described The Cleaner as ‘post punk Metronomy’ to my friend, hopefully someone else heard that in it haha.


Saw them live at eotr and they were smashing, looking forward to this

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New Cassels


Yep this. Need to go back to Panic On to. Its been a while.