New Releases 06/09/2019

Any of you guys listen to the new Black Belt Eagle Scout?

Run it to ya is a personal highlight:


Tennis System had a new album out. It’s enjoyable enough heavy shoegaze. I’m not that into the singer’s choice of delivery in places though. for example, the first song works really well, but then the second song, Cut, is jarring. Firstly, the lyric is dreadful, then also, he chooses to sing the refrain in a very strange key that I’m not sure works with the music. It’s a shame, as I like the fuzziness and whirriness of the music on the whole.

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Still can’t stop listening to this :heart_eyes:

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I’ve just discovered that she’s supporting Natalie Evans in a small cocktail bar in Canterbury tomorrow night. I didn’t have any plans, but I believe I do now.

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Yep, only heard it recently as it was a classic “last day of the month” release in August so I overlooked it. Instantly would have been my fav of the month though and is probably into my top 10 of the year :+1:

Great straightforward catchy songs, but with some interesting production choices and depth to the sound - like Soccer Mommy or Japanese Breakfast or Alex G in that regard. No UK dates yet though sadly!