New Releases 06/10/2017

Listened to the Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith LP on the way in to work. Definite Knife vibes from it.


Another week, another whole load of new releases I’m looking forward to hearing. Wolf Parade, Andrew Hung and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith are the three biggies for me, but I’ve also got this lot pencilled in:

  • Deradoorian
  • Kele Okereke
  • The Weather Station
  • Weaves
  • Blue Hawaii
  • Ducktails

New Kelela record today #hype

The Wolf Parade album sounded really interesting on my way in today.

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Alex Lahey’s debut album is great

Marilyn Manson is back with more hard hitting poolside jams, like JE$U$ CRI$I$, KILL4ME and SAY10.

I really like the last Citizen album, and really like this song, so I have some hopes for their new album too.

New Daphni album out today (surprise announcement or was I just not paying attention?)

Recent announcement (late last week/early this week?), but I’d already forgotten about it. That’s this morning post-meetings sorted.

Got 3 tracks in and wasn’t really feeling it. Lemme know if it’s great.

Ziur album on Planet Mu is pretty enjoyable on first listen

Kiasmos EP as well?? Or was that last week and I missed it?


Will check out the Manson album because I loved The Pale Emperor. Not sure what else is oot.

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Spotlights - Seismic

shoegaze/sludge/Post Rock stuff out on Ipecac:


The first track on the Wolf Parade record is great. I (gasp) really like Expo 86, and I really like this so far too.

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First “official” live release from the Replacements is out today


I’m quite looking forward to the new Primitive Man, which promises to be the nastiest, sludgiest, most horrible listen of the week by far, and the new Melanie De Biasio, which promises to be the most soulful. Might have to find something in between though as I’ll probably get some kind of aural whiplash listening to them back to back.


Seems like it’s a unmixed/re-ordered version of that Fabric Live mixtape thing he put out the other week.

I saw K.A.S perform in Calgary this summer as she’s the artist in residence at the music centre/academy there. She was good but the Knife similarities got a bit distracting after a while

it is!

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was a bit disappointed in this. Was expecting more like Blackened Cities (though a heavily reworked version of Blackened Cities is pointlessly featured on the album), but it’s more like a slightly more experimental, but not as good version of her first album.