New Releases 06/11/2020

It’s November already! The 6th, and we still don’t know who will run that country over the pond. As some wag has said, never again can Americans mock cricket because it goes on for days with no clear winner …

Anyhoo. Enough of that, it’s Friday, so what have you got lined up?

For me its:

Ólafur Arnalds - some kind of peace (on now, very nice start).
Tunng - Dead Club
Pole - Fading
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Return to Greendale

In that order. I won’t be bothering with Kylie, (unless folks who do say I should)!

Look forward to another wonderful few days of recommendations.

Cheers, community.

Edit: just to say that Ólafur Arnalds’ is really quite exquisite - what a great start to the day! Love the collaboration with JFDR halfway through …


Neil Young and Crazy Horse- Return to Greendale

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Thunder Dreamer have a new EP out. Dreamy indie rock I guess? I’m bad with descriptions.

Will also give a listen to Hey Colossus’ new album. Should be fitting music for the ongoing apocalypse.

Fee-free day on Bandcamp today innit?


I have a new EP out on See Blue Audio. Ambient / downtempo electronica which, for me at least, channelled a lot of the complex feelings of the first year of parenthood.


The Black Dog


Added to my to-do list

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A double live album from experimental organist Sarah Davachi, billed as a companion piece to Cantus, Descant which came out in September. Been looking forward to this, all three hours of it.


Just got a notification for this, mostly female doomy prog rock. They had a live EP which was very good so expecting something similar


Couple of good records got remix comps out, will probably nab a few tracks for playlists

Afro electro rock

Vibey jazz

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Also new Seamus Fogerty, who does the reconfigured modern folk thing, bit like Sam Amidon or This Is The Kit


Ooh, will check out the Plague Arnalds album on that case then. I’ve never properly listened or clicked with him. I see that Josin sings on one of his songs - she released my favourite album from last year (or the year before - I forget, time’s gone weird!).

Looking forward to checking out the new Tuning album also!

Listening to the album now. I saw him support Adem about four or five years ago. I think he had one older song that I absolutely loved, but not sure if the rest is as good for me. Will see how the album goes!

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The new Little Mix album is out today. I challenge you to name a better pop band out there right now. My not remotely guilty pleasure.

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Little Mix

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New Dvne EP!

For prog metal greatness.


New Laksa on Hessle Audio :slight_smile:

Is the new Ariana Grande out today or was that last week? Will probs check it out a bit later anyway.


Really looking forward to this. His previous albums have always soundtracked my winter commutes and made them bearable.



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New Vennart (ex-Oceansize, current enthusiastic Biffy Clyro touring guitarist) album out today. Looking forward to it, the last one was excellent.