New Releases 06/11/2020

Came here to post this one. Your best mate


There’s two new System of a Down songs out!

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Little mix

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few more i dont think have been mentioned

herman dune

Novo Amor (previous stuff has been great)

Hey Colossus

Heather Trost

and some proper shouty emo to end on

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Just listened to Cantus, Descant yesterday, thought it was wonderful. Looking forward to this!

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New release from Me Lost Me, I would describe it as drone-folk? Anyway, her first album was great so excited for this one!


A little bit of new old Twilight Sad with proceeds going to a good cause.

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This is predictably great! So good to hear new stuff from these guys, love 'em!

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blowing the morning cobwebs away with

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Darkside live album is the big one for me

Tina - Positive Mental Health Music: Psych-pop from SE London

And in jazz/classical/avant garde corner this week:

Matana Roberts & Pat Donaldson - The Truth - collaborative live piano & sax

Dino Saluzzi - Albores - Argentinian solo bandoneon

Tigran Mansurian - Con Anima: Armenian chamber music

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Oof, this Olafur Arnalds album is a beaut so far. Otherwise mostly checking out some bandcamp stuff today - in particular a selection of bootleg live recordings by Weekend being released to mark the 10th anniversary of Sports. Proceeds go to charity too so that’s nice.

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New SOAD tracks!!11!

Potentially their best on first listen.

Undertakers Daughter?

looking like a quiet week for me so far

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New Monolake! Didn’t know there was a new record on the way

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Normally find Olafur Arnalds really cheesy but had the new one on walking back from the school run and it was absolutely gorgeous. Will be revisiting for sure.

New Hey Colossus turned up yesterday and sounded great. Not quite as on board as some seem to be (not sure its easily their best or owt) but yeah, enjoyable.

If you like bandcamp/tapes Kaddish (great scottish screamo) have their demo tape out. Thier first LP is my favourite so should be good.

and copied from the heavy thread as i’m lazy…new Soul Glo :heart_eyes:

New Soul Glo out today. I love this band. Taking the kitchen sink approach to hardcore and it works. Part punk/hardcore/metal/noise rap and whatever else they want. This one is out on Jermey Bolms (Touche Amore) label. Well worth a listen. It sure woke me up after staring the day with the new *Ólafur Arnalds :smiley:

If you enjoy that the last full length, The Nigga In me is me is worth checking out also. Great band.

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Ben Chatwin. Resident’s AOTW and they say this
“ drones meet strings and samples for what is perhaps chatwin’s best work yet (and we don’t say that lightly) – this is the perfect encapsulation of his neoclassical meets hauntological style that needs to be heard by any fan of max richter’s ‘infra’ era, johann johansson or labradford.”

Heather Trost. She was in A Hawk & A Hacksaw. Resident have this to say about the album:
“ swirling psychedelic pop mastery that gently wanders between gainsbourg-eque cinematic passages and ethereal, jane weaver-y library laden grooves.”

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New Mary Halvorsen’s Code Girl record. Fuck YES had no idea this was coming - and then Robert Wyatt is singing on it!

a nice Bandcamp Friday surprise