New Releases - 07/07/2017

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I’m currently giving This Is The Kit a spin, and will also check out Broken Social Scene’s new album at some point.

But for me, this week will mainly be listening to Flotation Toy Warning’s new album The Machine That Made Us. They’ve only released one album previously, way back in 2004. Looking at my geeky spreadsheet I discovered them in 2005 via Pitchfork (gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve checked there/found music from there). Anyhow, their first album is still played lots by me.

They have a sticker on the front cover obviously trying to suck people in: “The quirkiness of the Flaming Lips, a bit of Grandaddy’s americana and the glitchyside of Sparklehorse”, which doesn’t sound too wrong, although the voice is a lot deeper. Maybe they sort of sound like how I’d like Midlake to sound.


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Can we the spreadsheet?

Jupiter and Okwess might be groovy based on this

some A&R guy’s career probably rests on the new Haim selling well.

It’s a massive sprawling spreadsheet over the last 12 or so years I think. 1200+ bands in my To Investigate list, 700 in my Bought list, and 200 I’ve decided I don’t actually like after all. But with awkward/embarrassing descriptions of them all no doubt. It’s nice to be able to look back on it to remember where I first heard bands, or remind myself of bands that I should get around to properly listen to though.

V much enjoying the new BSS - arriving at the perfect time of year.

Re: Flotation Toy Warning. Thanks for the tip. The vocals sound too loud on the new stuff but I just checked that first album and it sounds gorgeous.

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Yeah, I’ve only listened to the new album a couple of times so have to see how it goes, but at least it hasn’t disappointed me considering my love for their first album. But glad you’re enjoying the first album at least: Popstar Researching Oblivion and Donald Pleasance are amazing songs I can’t tire of, but the album is just pretty much just great from start to finish.

Really enjoyed the This Is The Kit LP

Just listening to Toro Y Moi’s latest Boo Boo - anyone else heard it?

ooh had no idea he had one coming out, thank you for bringing this to my attention! :smiley:

I’ve been listening to Public Service Broadcasting’s Every Valley, it’s absolutely superb.


I’d read a review saying that it was a bit of throwback to his earlier work and I agree with that to extent, but it’s more an update / progression. Either way, it’s blissed out sound is working nicely here in the office.

Really want to queue this up but not sure how it would go down with my colleagues :grinning:

Ha, as albums to casually introduce your colleagues to go, a high concept one about the Welsh mining industry might be a bit out there! :smiley:

WELL, quite liking the Public Service Broadcasting album. Really like that moody early 2000s alternabanger sounding one and the one with JDB

Also (JAG) I put an album out last week. hurrah! If you like your albums fairly directionless and all over the place is it the one 4 u

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I kinda wanna say that they can either ‘like or lump it’…

Think I need to work on a better coal pun

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Just gave Every Valley a spin @cutthelights - think People Will Always Need Their Coal, All Out and They Gave Me A Lamp were my favourites. How about you?

Really like They Gave Me A Lamp,You + Me (start always make me think it’s Bowie’s Five Years though!) and Progress. Hard to pick favourites though, it works really well as a whole piece!

This caught me out too! Thought perhaps Spotify shuffled or something :grinning:

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It’s an absolutely superb album, and the Welsh speaking really sets the album on its way. Lovely vocals, great tunes and arrangements, original, and a real grower album. One of my favs of the year. That track you and me is absolutely superb with the vocal too.

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