New Releases 07/09/2018

Nice looking list of releases relevant to my interests

Haiku Salut - There Is No Elsewhere
Menace Beach - Black Rainbow Sound
Sauna Youth - Deaths
Mothers - Render Another Ugly Method
Oliver Coates - Shelly’s on Zenn-la

Probably other stuff like Waxahatchee, Teleman, Maribou State plus whatever gets thrown up from this thread and other blogs if I have time.



And Spiritualized

Ital Tek - Bodied


MNEK for me

Joey Purp - Quarter Thing

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Yves Tumor came out a couple of days back and is very good. Joey Purp is one of my most anticipated of the year so looking forward to that greatly.


Gonna buy The Haikus album at an instore next week. Mega looking forward to it

New waxahatchee ep is really good. Return to more stripped down sound with lots of piano and loveliness…cant see anyone who’s already a fan not liking it. @rich-t I’ve seen menace beach and mothers mentioned online a few times but never investigated further. Will check them out. Sauna youth also on the list

Thank you thank you thank you for highlighting that new haiku salut album, had no idea they had one out today. If it is anything like the last one, it’ll be cracking.

Haiku Salute, Princess Chelsea, and Mothers are the album’s I’ll be listening to.

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This is really enjoyable. He’s going in hard on every track.

Much of the above but also new LPs from Teleman and Fox Capture Plan.

Not expecting much from the Spiritualized album. From what I’ve heard so far, this is Jason Spaceman paying his bills and not much else!

New SIavash Amini today that’ll be first up for me. Assuming I can handle oppressive drone at 8am whilst looking at spreadsheets.


That’s the perfect setting for it. Really hammers home the feeling of oppression and futility.


Really not feeling this and more than I… felt Hollowed. Just wanna stick Cyclical on instead. Hope it brings joy to those of you on board with his recent stuff.

Can’t argue with that.

Oooo nice cover art - very visceral

Also The Beclouding is an AMAZING drone track title

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Is it just me or is this one of the quietest albums ever released? On the same volume as Ital Tek and it’s barely audible.

You’ve got a space between the last word and **

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