New releases 08/02


Mercury Rev, Lemonheads, HEALTH, Panda Bear, International Teachers of POP.

What else?


Bigger day than I was expecting… on top of those already mentioned I’ve got Bob Mould, Cass McCombs, Jessica Pratt, LCD Soundsystem and Yak lined up.

I’m struggling to stay on top of new releases this year, there’s been so much quality.


Michael Chapman - True North for fans of folky stuff.

Want to check out Xiu Xiu and Jessica Pratt as well. Cass McCombs didn’t really blow me away at first listen.


Heads up everyone. That Panda Bear album takes a good 6 or 7 listens to click but is actually very good. Stick with it.


New one on Disintegration State from Lowering is wonderful and well worth your time. Beautiful and occasionally unsettling drone. Highly recommended for fans of excellent ambient music!


6 or 7! Yeesh. I felt SO underwhelmed on first listen, I haven’t been back since.


Also: Auto-tune usually = Eurgh for me.


Five tracks into Bob Mould and it’s sounding great


Really looking forward to the Mercury Rev album.


New Flat Worms EP :+1:


Not much else to add other than there’s a new album from Crocodiles and a new track from Ibibio Sound Machine to enjoy.




Mercury Rev and Bob Mould :+1:


LCD Soundsystem’s Electric Lady Sessions is out today. That’ll do for me, thankyou.


TUTTI - Cosey Fanni Tutti is the main one I’ve been looking forward to. Got a few from the last few weeks to catch up on too.


New Lau album too.


new Hauschka


Loads of promising releases this week then! Totally snuck up on me. Will be getting round to Mercury Rev, Flatworms, LCD Soundsystem, Bob Mould and I guess Xui Xui.

Interested in the Ariana Grande as I am #outoftouch and want to see what the fuss is about


Anybody into Inkke? I’ll be smashing this later on.


The Lemonheads album is a bit crap. Dando hasn’t had a good album out since his solo album which was excellent.