New releases 08/02

Lcd soundsystem

Ambient/modern composition records (big day)
Gideon wolf
Sjors mans
Adele fournet

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That new Mercury Rev album fucking stinks


Just Jessica Pratt and Lau for me. Too many albums to catch up on from recent months for me to bother with the rest.

Lau album is typically great. Been listening to it this morning.

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I bought the pre-release version which arrived last month but hadn’t given it much of a spin. Will definitely need to pay it some attention now it’s out in the wider world.

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Half way through this, finding it a very mixed bag at the minute.
Margo Price singing Sermon is the absolute worst so far.

Agreed. The first couple were terrible as well. Courtyard and the Phoebe Bridgers ones are the only ones I’d listen back to

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Vashti Bunyan ones on now home stretch of Phoebe Bridgers, Marissa Nadler, Beth Orton and Lucinda Williams on the way.

Nope they couldnt save it.
Listenable but all so one dimensional and such a watse of all the talent they gathered.
Sounds like something that should have been released as a record store thing not as a ‘proper’ new LP.
Never listening to this again. Going to listen to Johnny Cash’s version of sermon (God’s Gonna Cut You Down) to remind me it’s good.


Really looking forward to the Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch record An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil.

Also the review for the HEALTH record sounds quite good (did you like Death Magic?).

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An acurate representation of my music day today:


Listened to a couple, particularly ‘Speed of the Sound of Loneliness’ as it’s one of my favourite songs. It’s a bit lackluster though isn’t it?
I’m seeing them on Tuesday as well.

I’m seeing them in a few weeks. I always see them live as Ray and Come On Feel were soundtracks to my youth, especially GCSE and A’Level periods. He’s become crap over the last 10 years or so.

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Listening to the new Lau album and I have to say they seem to have got further stuck in the whole rich electronic infused textures with lyric heavy folk songs thing. Which I feel undermines their improv strengths.

Sadly Im finding myself less drawn to Lau. I found The Bell That Never Rang fairly drab and I feel that this is a fair bit better but still doesnt grip me in the same way as the earlier stuff. I think Race the Loser did what the last two albums have done far better while having a little more of the old instrumental spark.

None of the songs are bad. Just structurly quite simler with few pace changers. Highlights include Echolia a lovely, intricate building and brooding track. Return to Portland revists some of the sounds of ‘Far From Portland’ a highlight on ‘RTL’. Dark Secret is also quite nice as well, lyrically fairly depressing but gripping. In general the album seems to cover depression, trauma, and isolation.

Its a fair bit better then the last one but feels unessential and the showmanship and energy is no longer what Lau do.

New album sounds pretty pointless. Surely the sort of thing you should be putting on bandcamp or maybe as a tour tape/cdr.

Mostly excited for HEALTH today. Listening now, sounds great.


Trying this next


Unfortunately that’s Lau, for now

Panda Bear, Jessica Pratt, Lemonheads and Silk Road Assassins for me today

Are you… me?