New releases 08/02


Literally unbelievable that this isn’t in the OP. #justiceforari

Listened to it about 4 times so far. Not keen on NASA, in my head or break up with your girlfriend but the rest is wonderful. Ghostin has made me proper well up about 3 times so far? It’s fucking exquisite


You have to think it would have been better as an EP, or a free thing on the website. I’ve seen them/him 3 times over the years (first one around 93) and it’s never actually been any good, so 4th time lucky.


In my head and Break Up were two of my standouts from first listen! Huh, how about that?


Hahaha I seem to be in the minority on those 2 judging by Twitter stans’ reactions :eyes:


Ariana Grande was a bit bland imo. Might give it another spin on decent speakers so I can fit in with my friends :sweat_smile:


Its a very competent record. Went into it blind without realising its DiS links. I like the more overtly drone tracks early on. Very much hits a spot. Then it delves into sleepy pianos which are pleasant Sunday afternoon stuff. Yeah was worth a listen!


I have that same issue at home and I’m about to get onto Lowering. Even got the lemsip tablets on my desk!


Sponsored by Lemsip and Electronic Sound magazine.


Would like to be satisfying my kosmische/krautrock needs with the new Craven Faults but it seems like they’ve forgotten to make it live on bandcamp.


The Jessica Pratt album is - and I don’t use this word lightly - wonderful.


Jessica Pratt and LCD Soundsystem. Both excellent.


The vinyl of this turned up today after ordering it from Norman Records in August last year!


The new Panda Bear is a bit of a slog, but I like the ‘sound world’ of it and the production. Lots of water-y boat-y sounds.


I know the release got bumped back a few times due to production problems with the vinyl, but unlike Netherfield Works it’s not available on streaming services for some reason and I can’t get the download from their bandcamp! :grimacing:

Did the vinyl come with a download code? I’ve been tempted to pick them both up on vinyl for a while but would want to be able to headphone them when I’m out and about…


Fantastic record this. Love the slow ambient start like everything is nice and subtle and then the dark drone of the storm comes in. Then at the 5 minute mark of ‘Perpetual Storm’ shit hits the fan so to speak in a good way. Feels like chaos breaking loose with those dark droney undertones. Beautiful modern composition piano tracks with subtle ambiance and static drones. Whats not to like here? Highly recommended…


No it didn’t. Netherfield didn’t either. :frowning:




Thanks pal! Very kind of you. :relaxed:


Don’t get me started… :wink:


I bought the Spielbergs vinyl the other day and that didn’t have one either, I mentioned it on Instagram and the band replied saying email the record company. Which I did and they sent me the MP3s but their reasoning was;

“Still finding our feet as a new label but our distributor said that generally most people won’t use a download code these days, so we only left them out on their advice.”

Really? Sounds like bollocks advice to me.