New releases 08/02


There is expense in doing them, so in the age of steaming I suppose it makes sense. Shite for you tho :neutral_face:


My friend worked for a larger indie label and said something like 20% of all download codes on most releases were only ever used and in terms of keeping the albums hosted on a server in perpetuity it just wasn’t worth the time and expense. Nowadays people either buy vinyl and then also stream it, or just use the vinyl.


I think thats fair.
Often find it’s quicker anyway to download them from other sites than bother to key in a code etc.
Reckon labels should jst stick the tracks on a cdr bundled with the LP


Fair enough I guess, I didn’t realise their redemption rates were so low. If streaming is your main source of portable music then they’re not needed I suppose (unless the artist isn’t on any streaming sites of course!)


Really liking the HEALTH album. Not sure about the LCD, something about it sounds off to me.


This new HEALTH album is big ol’ slab of dumb fun. Really enjoying it.


Yeah I thought the same re the new LCD Soundsystem, I wouldn’t say any of the tracks are classic live versions, it’s all a bit subdued.


Not listened yet, but there is a new album by Liz Harris (aka Grouper) under the name Nivhek, I am straight into listening to this now.


Sunshine Rock is ace, another triumph for Bob. I’ve loved everything since Silver Age, when he starting churning out pulverising guitar music again, and this continues the streak - but now he’s mixing up the self-doubt and darkness with more grateful, sentimental moments. A really fun, nicely sequenced album that even squeezes in a Shocking Blue cover.

Came to the Mercury Rev album more as fan of Bobbie Gentry than of MR (don’t really know their stuff) and gave up about halfway through, it’s totally overdone. Not impressed.

Cass McCombs’ newie is a lot to take in but I think I’ll return to it. Definitely a return to the hazy sound of Mangy Love (which I liked) but now it feels like songs themselves are out of focus too, in a good way.


Excited to listen to this!

Been looking forward to Health so much I didn’t realise there was a new Xiu Xiu today as well.

The Health album is great and I really like the final stretch of it, though it does feel maybe a little repetitive around the middle? I’m just happy to have more after what felt like a long wait between Get Color and Death Magic.

Started listening to Xiu Xiu, this is probably the least poppy thing they’ve done in some time. Not sure what to make of it yet.


Wondering if anyone knows about Elder Island on here… their debut album is out today and they’re plastered over a few festival line-ups this summer but I can’t remember reading or hearing a sniff about them anywhere in the last couple of years. They’ve racked up millions of listens on Spotify and are playing Roundhouse later this year but they’ve barely made a dent in terms of numbers on social media. I can’t say the singles for this record are particularly bowling me over on first listen so colour me intrigued…


The international teachers of pop record is a great bit of electro pop. I recommend it to anyone waiting patiently for the new Ladytron.


I work for a label and it’s down to around 5% now for our releases .


I think it’s great. Although I do think that the percussion might be too high in the mix particularly on tonite.


Couldn’t get on with Xiu Xiu to be honest.


LCD Soundsystem, solid. Started off a tad slow for my liking. Straight head bobbing towards the middle and end though. That ‘home’> ‘I want some love’ segueway was some straight hardcore disco funkiness.


Dave Harrington Group - Pure Imagination, No Country

Is the only album I’m interested in this week really


3 listens today - love this.


The new Yak record is brilliant, that’s my pick of the week.

Can’t get behind the new HEALTH record at all, loved those first 2 records so much but they’re a different band now, just not for me anymore.


Really enjoying Severance by Mikron this AM…
LCD’s Electric Lady Sessions is really good too.